Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Harper had her ballet pictures on Friday and I was on the fence about whether I actually wanted her to wear makeup for them or not. It was encouraged but not required and I wasn't sure how I felt about it. That afternoon as I was getting her dressed I whispered, would you like to wear a little bit of makeup? And I'm telling you, her eyes lit up and she was grinning ear to ear. Sitting in the bathroom putting it on her was definitely a special moment between us and I'm glad I lightened up about it. She had so much fun playing dress up, and so did I.

She sat completely still and I put one swipe of mascara on her lashes and HOLY MOLY. Talk about lash envy.

Can you tell she was excited to be all dolled up?

 I took zero pictures but my brother and Mom & Tim came over for dinner that night to celebrate Mother's Day. I cooked pulled pork tacos with all the fixings and it was quite delicious if I do say so myself.

On Saturday we had a birthday party to go to in the morning and then we were off to an annual crawfish boil that our business sponsors. It's to benefit cystic fibrosis research and even though I can't stand the sight or smell of crawfish, I always have great time hanging out with friends and employees and watching the kids run around and dance.

She clearly doesn't have enough accessories on

She fell asleep in the car so I got to enjoy a sweet snuggle session. Nothing like your baby napping on your chest.

This kid. Within 30 seconds he bamboozled these teenagers into giving him their phone. Total strangers, mind you.

Later that night, we had our first date night since I can't even remember. February, maybe? Either way, it was much needed and appreciated. We went to a local music festival and carnival and got ourselves wristbands to ride all of the rides! At a carnival. Because we are apparently delusional about our ages.

2 naive 30-somethings who don't know what they're about to get themselves into

Yes, folks. We voluntarily rode the zipper.

A very flattering in-motion selfie of me stuck to him and drooling all over his shoulder.

The night came to an abrupt halt when I actually had to barf after getting off one of the rides. I know what you're thinking. SE.XY! I have never in my life gotten sick from riding a ride. I tried my best to hide how awful I felt because I didn't want to spoil Rick's night since there was a band playing that he really likes. But he confessed that one of the rides gave him a migraine so we were both relieved to ditch out of there early. What can I say? We are lame. But lame and still madly in love, and that's what counts.

Sunday morning I was woken up by the sweetest little voice saying, happy mudder's day, mommy. Then she brought me some lotion and rubbed it all over my feet and legs.

Rick fixed us breakfast and that was when the Mouth Busting Event #2 occurred, which kept the kids and I home from church while Rick went since it was his weekend to serve.

He got home and they gave me my present. Hand drawn cards and some cash...can't go wrong with that. Rick told me that it was to pay for an appointment he made for me to get a manicure and a pedicure. Sweet!

And then when I got there, look who else was there:

even sweeter!
Our hubbies conspired together to surprise us with not only manis/pedis with great friends, but afterward we drove to Trina's house and they had all cooked us a delicious steak dinner AND managed all 8 kids by themselves. Can you say brownie points? We have us some good men, that's for sure.

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