We are on a roll...

Harrison had 3 doctor appointments in 4 days last week. Sa-weet! Let's just pack em all in while the deductible's been met, shall we? What's a little co-pay and co-insurance, anyhow? No big deal!

He woke up late Monday night crying and scratching his face and ears. In the morning both of is cheeks looked like this so I kept him out of school and made him an appointment.

Dr. Binder thinks it was some type of allergic reaction since it was so itchy. We don't know if it was nut contamination in something he ate, but I don't think it was because I fixed all of his meals that day and we didn't go anywhere. He told me to keep an eye on it and treat it with benadryl. Unfortunately for us, Harrison is the kid who gets wired and hyper on benadryl instead of drowsy. Of course he is! That child fights sleep at all costs.

The next day we finally had his GI appointment after it was rescheduled at the last minute. We have been waiting for this appointment for 4 months. Aside from my child's awful behavior where he was quite literally bouncing off the walls, it went well. I feel like we are finally getting close to having some answers. The doctor said he definitely needs an endoscopy and he scheduled it for 3 weeks from now. He took him off the steroids and even mentioned that those could be what could be causing his allergic rash on his face. They really seemed to be helping with his reflux but the doctor wants to have a confirmed diagnosis before treating him with those meds since they can have adverse side affects. He did more blood work since his last test results showed some abnormalities (the labs they took when he was discharged from the hospital -- probably just because he was still dehydrated). So for now we keep him on the prevacid and wait for the endoscopy.

Cracked. Out.

And then Friday we had his followup appointment with the orthopedic doctor to get this nasty sucker taken off:

It was getting pretty rank. One day Harrison actually said to me with a disgusted face, What is that stinky rotten smell??! And then I told him to sniff his cast and he realized he was the one who stinks. Ha!

And then? And then less than 4 hours after getting his cast taken off, he fell down on his newly healed arm and immediately grabbed it and started wailing. I mean, really??? So now he's back in a splint for 3 more weeks. But I will gladly take a splint over a cast any day.

Harper decided to get in on the medical attention as well. She was strutting around in her princess dress up shoes and tripped and hit her mouth AGAIN. Thank goodness she just bit the inside of her lip really badly and didn't knock any teeth out. And thank goodness Rick was there to help me because seeing blood pour out of your child's mouth while they scream in pain is quite traumatic.

who's lip are you calling fat?!

She kept blubbering that she wanted a bandaid so finally we just put one on her chin and it helped calm her down. Never underestimate the power of a bandaid.


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