A Week in the Life {Friday} - and an update on Harrison

Obviously I'm a little behind getting this post done. It doesn't help that I was one click away from publishing and went to add one more picture and the entire post disappeared. GRRRR!  But before I finish this post for a second time I thought I'd give a little update on Harrison. We started his first dose of the magnesium citrate tonight (the yucky drink that cleanses the colon). I've been talking all of this up big time and he's been buying it. He likes taking medicine anyway and has been excited about taking his "candy drink" as the pharmacist called it. You could tell he was really trying to like it, but a couple of sips into it he realized how nasty it was. After lots and lots and LOTS of encouraging, bribing, playing games, and a little forcing and trickery, my mom and I finally got the first dose in him. He took 5 oz. tonight and will take the remaining 5 oz. tomorrow night. Tomorrow is our Super Fun Day where he gets to eat nothing but jello! and popsicles! for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!! And drink lots of sprite and kool aid!!! I hope he stays as enthusiastic about it tomorrow because I dread not being able to feed my baby when he's hungry and asking for food. Please say a prayer for him if you think about it. Also, I have a feeling getting the rest of the medicine down tomorrow is not going to be easy so we could use prayers for that as well. And while you're at it -- his colonoscopy will be Wednesday at 7am so please pray for good test results and for peace for his mom and dad because it is proving to be difficult for us to not be anxious messes. Thank you, friends!



6:30a.m. - I was up for the day and not very happy about it. I was up late Thursday night baking and cooking and doing laundry. I usually wait to fold and put away laundry until after the kids are asleep because they make it their mission to unfold anything and everything that is folded. This is what I woke up to:

it's impossible for this kid to sleep parallel to us
7:30a.m. - Kids were up and I got them dressed and ready for school. I packed their lunches and backpacks and gathered up their items for show-and-tell. After much deliberation, Harrison decided on a little digger and Harper chose to bring her Minnie Mouse. We left for school a little early because I wanted to stop and get their teachers breakfast and Sonic drinks for Teacher Appreciation Week. The kids were very excited to get donuts for breakfast...until they finished their donuts. And then they both started crying and whining and throwing fits.

Me: Instead of complaining that your donut is all gone, why don't we think about what we have to be thankful for? Like getting donuts for breakfast...

Cue meltdowns in 3, 2, 1!

9:30a.m. - I got the kids/backpacks/breakfasts/drinks all dropped off and Harper gave me her Mother's Day present that she made for me. I love it!

10:00a.m. - I stopped by a local church to get Harrison registered for VBS this summer. It was so weird driving home. I kept checking my clock because it seriously felt like it was 9 o'clock at night by how dark it was outside. This is what my house looked like when I walked through the front door:

10:30a.m. - I spent my kid-free hours cleaning my house and cooking some of the food for Harper's party. And because of the thunder and torrential downpours outside, this big scaredy-cat was under my feet the whole time:

pant, pant, pant, pant, pant, pant, pant, pant...
1:00p.m. - I left to go pick up the kids from school. On our way home I stopped by the mailbox and our very first HOA violation letter was waiting for me. Score! We are winners! The sad part is, since Rick's been working so much lately we've been paying some yard guys to mow every 2 weeks and yet we still have an embarrassing yard. Sigh.

2:30p.m. - Harper didn't nap at school again and she fought me BIG TIME at home, but I finally defeated her. Muahahaha. I had to take a picture to document her pure sweetness here...I can guarantee you that she was NOT this sweet in the moments leading up to this picture. :)

3:00p.m. - When I went to tell Harrison quiet time was over, this is what I walked in to:

puppy shirt, football pants, and cowboy boots on the wrong feet. Gotta love it.
3:30p.m. - We just hung out and played. Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, books, toys, and more books.

6:30p.m. - Rick came home with a pizza since our kitchen was pretty tied up. We ate dinner, played some more, then it was bath time and time for the rest of their night time routines.

8:30p.m. - Harper went to bed but Harrison was a different story. He remembered that it was Friday and that Fridays are Family Nights. The fact that we had celebrated the night before instead was of no comfort or satisfaction to him. Rick caved and told him he could sleep in our bed and even though I was thinking it was a bad idea in my head, I had lots of things to do so I stayed out of it. :)  I stayed up late again baking and working on last minute party projects -- you know, the ones that you underestimate how much time they will require? Like these cute little guys:

I will try to work on a post about the party details soon. I love, love, love Dr. Seuss and I had such a fun time putting everything together!


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