Friday (as in last)

So....I'm a little behind on finishing up my Week in the Life series. It's kind of fitting though. I'm behind on a lot of things right now so blogging about how crazy life is lately is no exception. This will be the last post in the series and after reading through the other four I'm kind of thinking I picked the wrong week to document. It was pretty out of the norm considering we went out of town one of the days and then Harrison was visiting his grandma for two of the days. Oh still gives a glimpse into the chaos that is life right now and it was kind of fun to do. Time consuming to keep track and write about all of the details, but I know I'll so appreciate looking back and reading it later!


Don't remember if Harper slept through the night or not. I think we were up for the day around 6:30 because I had to feed her, get us both bathed and ready, eat breakfast, pack the diaper bag, and get to Mom's house by 9.

8:30a.m. - I do remember this is when Harper had her first blowout of the day. Always right when we're trying to get out the door but I was grateful that it was before we got out the door. I changed her and treated her clothes and diaper pad cover and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't stain because I had dressed her in a super cute outfit.

9:00a.m. - Got to Mom's house. On time. Woo hoo! Picked her up and headed into Houston for the Nutcracker Market. WOO HOO!

9:45a.m. - Got to the Reliant Center and nursed Harper in the car before we went in. They don't allow strollers because it is super crowded so I loaded her up in my Baby K'Tan and prayed she didn't puke all over the place :)

10:00a.m. - Entered Mayhem and tried not to get freaked out by the insane number of people in my personal space. Began the shop-till-we-drop fun that is the Nutcracker Market!

11:00a.m. - Harper had her second diaper mishap the day. She was strapped on my chest and I could feel the warmth and was very afraid of what I was going to find when we surveyed the damage. Thankfully it was contained. Whew! My mom offered to take a turn carrying her and I gladly accepted.

11:30a.m. - All the pooping must have pooped out Harper. Hardy-har-har. But seriously, how cute is it that she fell asleep in the carrier?

12:30p.m. - All the shopping worked up quite the appetites. We ate ridiculously priced baked potatoes and paid an absurd amount of money for a bottle of water.

1:00p.m. - While I was sitting there eating lunch I felt another diaper bomb go off. This time I knew it wasn't going to be good. We went to change her and yep. Leakage. Just a little spot, though. Certainly not enough to warrant the 5 mile trek back to the car for a change of clothes. Yes, I just dried it up and let her stay her poop-stained outfit. But did I mention it was just a little spot? And that we were parked really far away? And that there was a lot of shopping to be done? Yes, my hygiene standards have taken a severe nosedive over the last 2 years. (Don't judge!) Who would have ever thought that so much poo could come out of such a sweet little cutie like this?

1:30p.m. - We located the least crowded spot we could find so I could nurse Harper.

2:00p.m. - Yet another diaper dilemma. This time it did warrant the long voyage to the car. There was a group of ladies tailgating next to our car. About 8 women sitting in lawn chairs drinking wine and eating hors d' about your die-hard shoppers, right? We changed Harper and headed back and luckily a bicycle taxi took pity on us and our heavy load and offered us a free ride. He was a genuinely nice kid. It was very refreshing to find a genuinely nice kid.

3:00p.m. - Another nap in the carrier. Sweetness.

4:30p.m. - The fifth and final diaper disaster occurred and we decided to call it a day. Made the trip back to the car and cleaned her up and nursed her before we got on the road.

5:00p.m. - Houston rush hour traffic, how I SO don't miss you! It was pretty nice taking the HOV lane and speeding by the stopped cars. I never got to do that when I was commuting.

6:00p.m. - Rushing by this point to get myself freshened up and Harper fed and putting together food and craft supplies to take with me to book club. This was the first meeting for our west campus girls and I got the chance to meet some nice ladies. We just hung out and played a game and ate. It is so refreshing to get a mommy-free night in when I can!

12:00a.m. - Got home and nursed Harper again. Got ready for bed and I'm pretty sure I was asleep within 20 seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

It was a completely exhausting day, but lots of fun! I seriously can't believe we were there for 7 hours without a stroller. Harper did SO great. She didn't fuss at all and loved looking at everything and getting tons of attention from people. Last time I went to the Nutcracker Market I was HUUUGELY pregnant with Harrison and was trying to walk myself into labor. (It didn't work.) I remember thinking that it was a good thing I wasn't having a girl because I would have gone broke with all the insanely adorable girly boutique items they have there. Well this year I got to actually get a few of them. I was practicly giddy. Courtesy of Mamaw, look at how precious this little smocked Christmas dress is:

A great way to end a great week!
Total number of people swarming through the market: 1.2 billion (or at least it felt like it)
Total number of miles walked: If I had to guess, probably 5
Total hours I carried a 17lb baby strapped to my chest: 6 (I think I may need back surgery)
Total number of strangers who felt it is completely acceptable to touch my baby: I lost count, but at least 10. I know her chubby cheeks are incredibly enticing, but come on. Boundaries people, boundaries!


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