A Week in the Life {Monday}

I like to take a week out every year or so to document what my day-to-day life is like. It is so neat to go back and read how much it's changed (yet stayed the same) even just from one year to the next. This is my last week with a 4 & 2 year old so I figured it would be a good one to do.

6:45am - Harper was my alarm clock today. She is most days, actually. She's so happy in the the mornings and is much more pleasurable to wake up to than an intrusive alarm. It's hard to be grumpy when you have a precious little girl with crazy hair smiling at you.

7:30am - Harrison emerged and I gave him his Prevacid. He has to take it 30 minutes before eating so I always give it to him immediately after he wakes up because he's a total breakfast person. If he had his way he would eat before he was even out of bed. Then it was bath time since they didn't get one last night. The orthopedic doctor said to only do sponge baths, but I've wrapped it in a trash bag and taped the heck out of it a couple of times and put him in the tub. Sponge baths on little boys just don't really cut it and sometimes they need to soak! But today I followed the rules like a good girl.

8:00am - I cooked breakfast and unloaded the dishwasher. Scrambled eggs and yogurt smoothies today. The kids love when we make "moovies" as Harper calls them. And I love to make them because a) they are really healthy, and b) so much less messy than when I give them yogurt with a spoon. I make ours with organic yogurt (I usually get plain to cut down on sugar), a banana, frozen strawberries (we had lots leftover from Frogberg's), spinach, and a tiny bit of juice to make it thinner. Sometimes I mix it up with different fruit if we have it on hand. And I usually make extra and freeze them for lunchboxes. The kids argued over who got to say the blessing -- nothing like a screaming match over praying, right? They finally came to an agreement and Harrison said, "Dear God, thank you for this whole earth, God. And thank you for this yummy breakfast and this day we get to spend together as a family. Well, my dad isn't here but the dogs are so I can still say that. Amen." And then Harper immediately followed with, "Dear God, thank you for my momma and my dadda and for my family and friends and food. Amen."

9:00am - I got myself showered and ready while the kids played and watched Sesame Street. Harper decided she and her brother needed to wear their brother/sister shirts so it was outfit change #1 of the day. I packed us some lunch and then we headed to Moody Gardens for a few hours. My membership expires next month so I'm trying to take advantage of it while we still have it. I'm also looking for creative ways to wear my kids out since Harrison can't be as active with his broken arm. He definitely needs an outlet for all that energy!  I purposely didn't take the stroller in and they walked the whole 3 hours. We had a fantastic time. It was almost empty and the kids were very interested and engaged in both of the pyramids. It's so fun to watch them excited to learn.

2:30pm - The kids had a follow-up appointment with the allergist. It was great news all around. The medication he added to Harrison's regimen has improved his reflux dramatically. He has gone from refluxing/vomiting an average of 30 times a day down to 0-5 times a day just in the last 2 weeks! His reflux has been worsening and has resisted medication over the last 4 months so this is a huge relief. He finally has his appointment with the GI next Monday so I'm anxious to hear what he'll want to do. The medication that has helped him so much recently isn't really the best long-term solution. Ironically, it's meant to treat asthma and Harper used to take it regularly when we were doing nebulizer treatments. It's called budesonide and it's a liquid steroid that is supposed to be inhaled -- but he has been drinking the vial instead in order to topically treat his esophagus by coating it. Harper's asthma has shown awesome improvement as well. We've only had to use her rescue inhaler once over the last month so her upped medication dosages are definitely working.

When I went back and read our Monday post from the last time I did this series, we went to the doctor that day as well. Except it was an AWFUL experience thanks to my kids' horrid behavior. Today was much, much better. It's nice that it's getting easier to take them to appointments without me wanting to leave in tears. Not that tantrums still don't occur -- they do -- but they are spaced out a lot more now. Thank you Jesus!

3:30pm - We stopped by Sonic on the way home for a little happy hour treat. Harper passed out in the car but her lemonade was a great peace offering when she woke up grumpy later. :) We came home and the kids played with legos while I picked up the house and sorted through the mail.

5:30pm - I cooked dinner while the kids colored and drew. Spaghetti and steamed zucchini and carrots for supper. Harrison voluntarily ate a bite of his veggies. He said he didn't like them...but he tried them without a fight! I wish I could express just how huge this is. He's been doing awesome lately with expanding his food palate. And I have been serving veggies with every single dinner whether they go with what we're having or not. So thankful to be gaining ground here!

7pm - I got the kids cleaned up and ready for bed. Gave them their meds, brushed teeth, and pajamas on. They played with legos some more while I cleaned the kitchen. Then I told them I was setting the timer and if the toys weren't picked up when it went off, then they would have to go to bed. It went off and I peeked in the play room and not a single toy had been picked up...so I grabbed Harper and told Harrison to pick them up while I tucked her in and then we'd talk about his bedtime. I got her situated and went through our routine and she didn't fight me one bit. That girl was tired. I went back in the playroom and guess what Harrison was doing? Definitely not picking up. He was sitting down drawing. Kid, when are you going to learn??? And when am I going to quit giving him multiple chances?? I told him it was his turn for bed and a giant meltdown ensued. I carried him into his room and put him in bed and he was kicking and screaming at me. But it wasn't even 5 minutes later and he was OUT. He was exhausted.

8pm - I finished loading the dishwasher and put my first load of laundry for the evening. Mondays are my laundry night. Rick has BSF and then usually goes back to the shop afterward so he doesn't get home until really late. I rarely ever watch TV and I made myself a deal that the only time I get to watch my shows is if I'm doing laundry while watching them. And it has actually gotten me excited to do laundry :) I'm kind of bummed that the shows I watch are wrapping up for the season or are already finished. The only shows I watch outside of the occasional HGTV or Food Network are Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, Modern Family, & How I Met Your Mother.

9pm - I called one of my girlfriends and chatted with her for about 30 minutes. Which is a luxury these days! She helped me figure out what beauty products I need because I am CLUELESS in this department. I definitely did not get the girly-girl gene. My daughter, however, is another story. She flipped through my catalog countless times and was captivated by all of the makeup. :)

10:30pm - And now I'm about to get off of here and attend to all of my laundry. I also have a couple of gifts to wrap, a grocery list to make, and lunches to pack. I can never go to sleep until Rick is home anyway so I might as well be productive.

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