Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Weekend

Last weekend was gorgeous weather -- perfect for Easter celebrations. On Saturday our small group participated in a community outreach project and put on an Easter festival for a low income neighborhood in our city. Harrison was so excited to share what Easter is really all about and tell other kids about Jesus. He was practicing what he was going to say and it was too cute. Love him and wish I was just as intentional and bold about sharing my faith with strangers.

We hung out in the backyard and the kids had a great time with a tree frog that they found. They made him a cozy home inside their birdhouse and didn't understand why he didn't want to stay put.

 And Rick got invited to their secret meeting in their clubhouse.

And of course we dyed Easter eggs. They are finally getting old enough that it doesn't make me twitch to partake in this activity. It was fun mixing colors and writing "magic" messages on the eggs.

We don't really make the Easter Bunny a huge to do at our house. In fact, when we were at the mall a couple of weeks ago and passed by the Easter Bunny photo sessions neither one of my kids even knew who he was. Ha! But the night before, I reminded them that a certain bunny might be leaving them a few little surprises in the morning...and they totally went with it. ;)  The first thing Harrison said as he sat up in bed was, "Where's my basket with all my goodies??" 


I didn't buy them very much at all. They have low expectations and I'd like to keep it that way. They were very happy to receive a couple of coloring books, a water gun, and some candy. And can I just say that it is not easy to find candy without nut allergy warnings on them? I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing. 

Then it was time to find our dyed eggs that were hidden around the house. Harper was hilarious because she didn't want to pick up any of the "boy" colored ones.

but it's not pink or purple!

We had breakfast and then I got them cleaned up and ready for church. Poor Harrison couldn't fit in the Easter shirt I bought him with his big cast. He didn't seem to care at all though. All boy. Then it was time for the final day of our advent. This is seriously one of my favorite holiday purchases ever. The kids love it as well -- every day they remind me that we need to do it.

I love these people

 I had to laugh at Harrison's craft from church. Here are his hand prints on Easter 2014:

After church we came home to grab our side dishes I made the night before. The kids remembered taking pictures in front of their eggs last year so we took another one this year. I guess that now makes it a tradition. It will be neat to look back over the years at how they've grown.

Then we headed over to Mom & Tim's house for a late Easter lunch and some more egg-hunting. 

It was a great Easter!

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