A Little Sibling Competition

Since Harrison got his cast on last week, his sister has been a little jealous. She has been sneaking into the band aids and covering her body in them because, you know, she has owies too. She even developed a pretty entertaining limp one night. It lasted for approximately 4 minutes so clearly it was very serious.

And then? And then last night she slipped and fell and busted her mouth open on the corner of a table. Lots of blood and lots of tears.

I guess she figured it was her turn for a little bit of legitimate attention in the injury department?

We were at Awana and thankfully for their age group parents have to stay on campus. One of the teachers came running into the lobby to tell me she had had an accident and had cut her lip pretty badly. My immediate thought was, of course she did! After all, we are under quota for the week.

She gouged a big chunk out of that little flap of skin that connects your upper lip to your gums. The bleeding stopped fairly quickly and it didn't look like she needed stitches to me. The ice pack seemed to help but she had a rough night and didn't sleep well at all. And this morning she was still complaining and couldn't eat breakfast. So I made her a dentist appointment to make sure her teeth were okay...they seemed fine to me but I wanted to make sure since it was her front teeth. Thankfully the trauma was high enough that it didn't knock her teeth loose at all. The dentist gave us a prescription for some antibacterial medicine and said to give her soft foods for 5 days or so and she'll be good as new.

She fell asleep in the car and I brought her inside and enjoyed a nice nap snuggling up with my sweet girl. I have some sort of fever virus (because go figure) and am not feeling so hot, so I was very grateful to get some rest in. I guess the silver lining of being up all night is that she actually took a nap for the first time in weeks :)


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