Strawberries & Bluebonnets

I planned out a fun day of activities on Friday and was a little nervous thinking I might be pushing my luck. I couldn't have been more wrong! We had such a great day.

We started off with breakfast at Chick-fil-a. That gave me time to make out a grocery list and read my bible a little while the kids played. I love going in the morning because it is never crowded.

I'm going to side track a little to mention a mortifying story that took place right before we left. I took the kids to potty and we all went in the handicap stall together. I had to pee so after they did their business it was my turn. The lady and her kid in the next stall must have had some sort of poop situation going on because it was pretty stinky. Well, my son noticed the smell and apparently thought it was coming from me, but heard that I was just peeing so he blurted out, " Mom, I really don't like the smell of your vagina!"

Did I mention I was mortified? Like, extremely? There is just no way to come back from that statement. I definitely wasn't about to argue with my 4-year old that my vagina does not in fact smell bad, and I also couldn't really inform him that the stink was from the next stall over. So I glared at him and mouthed for him to be quiet and got us out of there as fast as humanly possible. I think my face might still be beet red. We have always used the correct terminology for our private parts and both kids know that boys and girls have different parts, but I've never had a conversation with them about my private parts...and never planned to, thankyouverymuch. Of course he would save it for a public situation. I pretty much wanted to die. THAT KID.

Anyway, after Chick-fil-a we headed down to a local farm to pick some strawberries. The kids had to miss their field trip there when they were in the hospital and we've made it an annual tradition to go every year. Rick couldn't get away from work so it was just the three of us, but we had such a fun time. It's neat to look back and realize how much easier it's getting to go places as they get older. They really enjoyed searching for perfect strawberries and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. A perfect day to be outdoors. We also picked out a bunch of other produce and they were even excited about cooking up some vegetables. We'll see how they feel about eating them ;)


After Froberg's we stopped by the train depot park for a picnic. It was good timing because a train came by while we were there.

Then I took the kids to a big bluebonnet patch for some spring pictures. They cooperated SO well. I am in love with these pictures. I am in love with these kids.

After pictures I treated us all to our first snow cones of the season. Very refreshing after being out in the hot sun.

Then Harper had ballet. She is such a sweet little ballerina.

Rick met us at ballet and then we went out to eat to celebrate some good news with the company. He works so hard every day and the first few years of self-employment are TOUGH. I am proud of him and it was great to celebrate a victory after a lot of stress and hard work.

And another small victory? Look who ordered a salad!

she is practicing her "3"...won't be much longer

Both kids also tried shrimp for the first time! Neither of them liked it (who can blame them...barf), but I was so proud of them for trying it. We are making huge headway in the food department lately!


Jocelyn said…
I love the pictures! And Harrison is hilarious... love it!

This weekend when we were out to eat, Eli saw a Harley biker and proceeded to say super-loud, "Mama, that man has a ponytail! Boys don't wear ponytails! That's for girls... How silly!"

Also, where did you get Harrison's Wagon Wheel shirt? Eli loves that song!

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