Vacation, Round 2

Poor baby girl had a rough night. More diarrhea and upset tummy and zero cooperation with fluid intake landed us in the ER at 3am. She is very dehydrated like we suspected. She was NOT happy when they put in her IV and cried for a good 5 minutes but she is so dehydrated that her body didn't produce any tears. They admitted her and want to keep her for 24 hour observation to make sure she can drink enough liquids on her own to compensate for all of her diarrhea. Which so far she's willingly taken a whopping zero sips in the 8 hours we've been here so she might want to step that up a bit. 

She does seem like she's in better shape than Harrison was so I'm hoping we'll get out of here much quicker than he did. She's tired and puny but not nearly as lethargic as he was. But boy is she GROUCHY. Home girl has been giving some deadly looks to everybody. She keeps telling me she wants the IV out of her arm and wants to go home and be with her daddy. She has been ALL about him the last 2 days and wants nothing to do with me or her mamaw. This virus has made our sweet girl MEAN. She screamed any time Mary got near her yesterday and wouldn't even let me hold her when I got home with Harrison. She kept telling me to go away and that she only wants her daddy. Ouch, kid. Don't hold back or anything. I'm ready for her to feel better and to have my sweet doll baby back.

In other news, I got a collective 30 minutes of sleep last night/today/whatever time frame we're currently in right now so please excuse my incoherent ramblings. We are still waiting for a room to open up upstairs so for now we are still stuck in the ER and sweet pea isn't about to share her bed with me. We are so ready to bust out of this joint so please send prayers her way!


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