The Year of the Met Deductibles

Hopefully one day soon I'll be able to go more than a week before posting about yet another medical incident occurring at the Boyd house.

I'm deeming this year the Year of the Met Deductibles.

So far in 2014 we have had:

7 ER/Urgent Care visits
2 hospitalizations
2 diagnoses of nut allergies
6 rounds of the stomach flu
2 cases of strep
A ridiculous number of visits to the pediatrician, pulmonologist, and ENT for asthma and other various illnesses.

And now we get to add 1 broken arm to the list.


The kids rode their bikes to the park last Tuesday evening and within 2 minutes of us arriving, Harrison took a 6 foot fall off the playground equipment and hit the ground shrieking. I knew instantly we'd be heading to the ER. He is a tough kid and rarely cries when he gets hurt -- but this was definitely an exception. It is probably a quarter mile walk and he sobbed the whole way home and insisted that I carry him. And with every weight shift or bounce he screamed in pain. Poor kid. Thankfully Rick was with us to help with the bikes and with Harper!

This was the pitiful look he had on his face all night. The doctor joked that he was going to trip over that lip if he wasn't careful. Yeeeeaah, he totally gets that pout from me. My dad used to always joke that he was reeling my lip in with an imaginary fishing pole...I didn't find it humorous.

 Here he is with the splint they gave him to tide us over until we could see the orthopedic doctor.

And on Friday, the morning of his ortho appointment, guess who woke up puking?? I'll give you a hint: it is also the same kid who had to get a full arm cast.

Can we seriously not catch a break?? I'm pretty sure it was just a bad reaction to his pain medication. He was pale as a ghost and felt awful and threw up about 8 times within 2 hours, but was fine after that.

His next appointment is in three weeks, where they'll do more x-rays to determine if he's healed or if he'll need another cast. For the next 6 weeks he can't participate in any "strenuous" activities. Which means quitting soccer, canceling swim lessons (since his cast can't get wet), and no more playing at the park or in the sand, dirt, or water. No baths other than sponge. And no getting himself dressed, putting his own shoes on, or buckling his own seat belt. Or anything else that requires 2 hands. FUN TIMES.

He was so pitiful when they were putting the cast on. You could tell he felt awful and was also in pain when they moved his arm and he hated the heat sensation when it was setting. He wasn't his normal talkative self at all. But when the tech asked him what color he wanted he kept saying "red." His favorite color is blue and he's borderline obsessive so I kept asking him if he was sure he didn't want blue. He leaned over and whispered to the technician, "I want red. Red is my mommy's favorite color."

He is such an awesome kid.


Jocelyn said…
Awww... the last part of this post is SO sweet! But poor Harrison! Y'all really just can't catch a break with all the doctor-related stuff.

I'm hoping it's all uphill (downhill?? whatever the good direction is!) from here!

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