Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Healthy & Happy

Today I feel like we're officially back in our groove. The kids had their first day back to school and it was nice to settle back into a routine. Last week was definitely not on the agenda and was stressful and exhausting and even a little scary at times, but being at a children's hospital will give you perspective. It's never fun or convenient or cheap to spend 5 days in the hospital, but I will gladly take a tummy bug over some of the other illnesses that many of the other children and their parents there were facing.

It was an educational experience. I had no idea how quickly young kids can get dehydrated and how fast it affects their little bodies, and then how long it takes them to recover. It seemed like every time the doctor came in they were mentioning something else that was off.  Electrolytes, blood sugar, blood pressure, and even a heart murmur. I mean, sheesh. Thankfully the doctor said the heart murmur is harmless and should go away in a week or two once he's fully recovered. They are both feeling fine and are no longer contagious, and apart from feeling tired and having achy legs/feet, they are as good as new.

Harper ended up staying 2 days. We caught it earlier but had to beg/bribe/plead with her to drink enough fluids to come off the IV.

she couldn't get enough of her daddy...and he's a great one! He sat through several princess movies and never complained once.

The virus lasted about 5 days for both of them and they didn't eat much at all during that time. But boy are they are catching up now. I've never seen such ferocious appetites from them. Last night at dinner they both actually ATE SALAD for the first time ever. Did you catch that??? THEY ATE SALAD!!!! I have only been trying to get them to try it for their whole entire lives. I was beyond happy and proud and of course we celebrated big with an embarrassing happy dance from me and ice cream sundaes for all.

And to really drive home the trying-new-foods celebration, we went back for seconds this afternoon. Ben & Jerry's is giving out free ice cream cones today and it is just not right to pass up free ice cream cones.

Nothing beats free ice cream cones on a sunny & gorgeous spring day with two healthy kids!

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