Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase...

We took the kids to see The Lion King a few weeks ago. Rick, H&H, and JTT...couldn't ask for a better night! Some take-aways:

1) My son inherited a sick love for popcorn from his momma. He got upset when anybody else tried to stick their hand in his bag. Note: this did not stop me from sticking my hand in his bag. Nothing gets between me and my popcorn.

2) Movies are ridiculously expensive. That's common knowledge, but I still find myself shocked by the prices every time I go.

3) Jonathan Taylor Thomas and that cute little lion cub still hold a warm and fuzzy place in my heart, even all these years later. I was pretty sure I was over my psychotic obsession perfectly normal crush, but hearing Simba's voice brought all those memories flooding back. {JTT = sigh, swoon, sigh}

4) I didn't really realize how serious and intense a simple Disney movie can be until I had kids. Harrison was a little afraid of some of the lion fighting scenes and the elephant graveyard. And it broke my heart to think that he has no concept of death or losing a parent...and that one day he will have to learn. I wish I could keep them innocent and unaware of sad things forever.

5) I'm pretty sure Rick, who rarely gets embarrassed over anything, was pretty darn embarrassed of me when I couldn't resist bursting into sing-song and quoting the script throughout the entire movie. I think he was just jealous that he didn't know the words....just sayin'.

Harper did great and slept in Rick's arms through most of the movie. Harrison was a little intimidated by the big, dark theater and it worked to our advantage...he sat in my lap almost the entire time. I cherished every minute with my sweet family and couldn't have asked for a better first movie theater experience!


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