It's OCTOOOOOBER!!!! {Oprah-like sing-song emphasis required.}

We thoroughly enjoyed the buh-eautiful weather this weekend. It couldn't have come at a better time because yesterday morning I helped host an outdoor baby shower brunch for my sweet friend Stacie. Her baby girl is due to arrive in just two weeks!

We used the nursery bedding for inspiration. The planning was especially fun for me because it's the same bedding that Harrison has {yes, it is technically girls' bedding but I think it looks cute either way. :) And I did "boy" it up a little by altering the flower panel.} At any rate, obviously I love all the prints so incorporating the colors and patterns into the baby shower decorations was a lot of fun.

Here is the bedding:

The crib mobile has little birds on it so we included that into our shabby chic theme. Here is the framed invitation and plate for the guests to sign:

Here is the desert table featuring scrumptious cupcakes and chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries:

We also had a bird cage for people to drop in their written blessings/prayers for the baby. I love this idea for baby showers. I was excited when I found it for $7 -- I just spray painted it red so it would match the nursery if she chooses to use it in there.

The drink table...water, punch, and champagne all served in cute tea cups

Lots of yummy food including quiche, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit/veggies/cheese, bagels and dips

We ate outside and were so grateful for the cooler temperatures

Nothing better than a tasty mimosa

Except when it is paired with a delicious cupcake. Trina did a fantastic job on them and I love how they each had their own plate.

Stacie and the hostesses

Girl stuff = squee!

Rick kept the kids and as much as I love, love, love my children, it was so refreshing to have some girl time without any distractions. He even brought Harper to me so I could feed her really quick and then took her back I have a great hubby or what? After the shower was over I made the obligatory grocery store trip but decided to turn it into a fun mommy/son date. I realized that Harrison and I hadn't gone anywhere together with just the two of us since before Harper was born. Even though it was just the grocery store, I made it out to be a big deal and he was completely stoked. It was great giving him all of my undivided attention and he was on his very best behavior...I think he really enjoyed having me all to himself! Plus, I think it was the first one-on-one time that Rick has been able to have with Harper so it turned out to be great for all.

Oh, the cuteness.

We picked this up for Harper...I seriously can't believe we are about to start her on solids already!

This morning started out a little rocky with a grouchy toddler and of course we were running late to church (which I hate being late but seems to be my theme in life lately). But the sermon was absolutely what I needed to hear and whipped my attitude back into check. We are in a series on "peacemakers" and the message today was so applicable to my life right now. It was very convicting and I strongly recommend that you stop what you are doing and go here and listen. No really. Click the link. ;)  And if you want to hear the other sermons in the series you can find them here.

After church we wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed to downtown League City for their Oak Tree Festival. Which turned out to be no more than two dozen tent booths and what must have been the senior center's line dancing team (those old ladies were cute though!), but it was still nice to walk around and enjoy the nice day. We also played on the playground and Harrison tried out face painting...but then quickly decided it wasn't for him.

Uhhh, maybe this isn't so much fun after all.

I wish I had the sound bite to go with this picture. "Weeeeee! ::adorable belly giggles:: WEEEE!"

Harper enjoyed a nice nap in the cool shade

Tunnel time!

Having fun.

But he didn't think it was very fun that Dad was in the way. "Dada, OUT!"

And I included this picture for no reason other than the fact that I find it quite humorous :) He's such a good father to climb around on the toddler equipment.

We wanted to grab some lunch and decided the food court at the mall was our best bet. We needed a place where we could bring the stroller (Harper hates her infant seat and is still too little for a high chair) and could make a quick exit if temperaments demanded. Oh, how life has changed over the last few years as we now consider the food court to be a treat. Ha!

Can you believe how big our Harpie-Harp is getting?

I love these two kids more than I ever knew possible.


Tracye said…
And you say you're not crafty!


Adorable baby shower!!!

I'll give you one like that for your next one.
Kelsey said…
You totally just made me choke on my drink!

I believe it's *your* turn, thank you very much. My uterus is taking a much needed break!

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