Our weekend.

I am loving the cooler weather that has settled in over the last few days. We even used our fireplace this morning to get the chill out of the air -- Harrison was in awe of the flames (or "hot-hot" as he called them) and even tried to blow it out. This age totally cracks me up.

What I don't love about summer fading to fall is that we also enter the season of sick kids. Harrison's battling allergies and my poor Harper...unfortunately she's dealing with a little more than allergies. Friday night she woke up at 11 barking like a seal.  Her breathing was very labored and while I didn't want to overreact (I had just taken Harrison to the doctor that morning thinking he had bronchitis to be told it was just allergies) I knew something wasn't right. After talking to the on-call nurse who told me to take her straight to the ER and then spending almost 4 hours at the hospital, her official diagnosis was croup and pneumonia. Luckily there was only a little bit of fluid on her right lung and after a breathing treatment she was doing much better. Of course I was a different story. After having to watch her go through all of the procedures and hearing her scream and cry and not being able to comfort her, I was pretty much a wreck emotionally. I'm so thankful they didn't have to admit her but was scared to death after being told to watch her like a hawk and bring her in immediately if she shows any signs of distress. I spent the rest of the night rocking her and watching her breath and crying and praying for her healing and praying for God to take away my worry. And then He did.

She woke up yesterday cooing and smiling and I could tell she felt so much better. I did, too. Even after only a couple hours of sleep I felt surprisingly energized. I cleaned my house from top to bottom. I baked cupcakes. I made party decorations. With Harrison hanging out with his grandma and Harper catching up on sleep it was pretty amazing how productive I was. Ha!

I'm pretty excited about these apothecary jars I got on sale last week. I've been wanting some for a while now to display holiday pretties in and they will also be good to have for parties. For this one I just put in some black tulle and green zebra fabric that I already had in my craft closet.

Our small group (well, most of them) came over last night for dinner to celebrate Christina's 40th birthday and Katie's 26th. We had a taco bar and I'm pretty sure between the soda and mexican food and cupcakes I consumed a week's worth of calories...but it was totally worth it! Rick and I are so blessed to know each and every person in this group and it was fun hanging out and celebrating a couple of birthdays!

And I'm proud of myself -- I actually remembered to take a few pictures of the party (not very many, but a few is better than zero). It seems like the only time I ever manage to get out my camera is to take pictures of the kids and so that's all I seem to blog about. My kids are my life of course, but I love my friends and family too and I need to get better at that. If only my brain wasn't complete mush and if only I had 5 or 6 arms, right?

Rachel and Jace. He belongs to Christina but Rachel has a toddler of her own as well.

Christina and JoJo

Giving her hubs a big fat smooch after he surprised her with a diamond ring.

The girls, minus 3

And I had to sneak in at least one picture of my kids :) Not sure who's purse he's attempting to steal here. The kid is definitely a thief!

Later after everybody left I got that uneasy feeling that every mama knows: you know, the one where the house is eerily quiet even though The Toddler hasn't gone to bed yet? It took me not even 2 seconds to figure out exactly where he was and what he was doing before I even needed to find him.

Son, it might help if you took off the wrapper before you shove the entire cupcake in your mouth. Just a suggestion.

This lime green frosting feels great on my freshly bathed skin!

Today we hung out and relaxed. Harper slept no more than 20 minutes all day...she wasn't fussy but she just didn't want to sleep. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and played in the backyard and even carved a pumpkin. I thought Harrison would be so excited to pull out the guts and get his hands dirty but the boy wouldn't even touch it. He wanted nothing to do with that "apple". I'm beginning to think he may have some inner issues with pumpkins. Ha! 

Oh, and one more picture from today. Somebody is determined to become a sitter...


Stephanie said…
Poor thing! Pneumonia is definitely no fun but thank goodness kids seem to jump back quickly. And the whole cupcake stealing that is exactly something maddox would do.

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