Fun at the pumpkin patch...or not.

I had high hopes of getting some cute pictures of the kids at the pumpkin patch this year. We tried twice. Two different weekends; two different pumpkin patches. Unfortunately I just don't think it was meant to be.

The first attempt was thwarted by a certain little boy who was in quite a grouchy mood. So grouchy, in fact, that these next few pictures were the result of us simply explaining that the orange gourds were actually called pumpkins and not apples. He apparently does not like to be corrected about such things.

He was very indifferent to the "apples" but did show interest in the wagons.

He pulled his sister around in it for a brief moment until he suddenly decided that maybe he did care about all of those pumpkins...once he noticed that Harper was holding them.

And then he decided he wanted in the wagon, too. But apparently he didn't want Harper in the wagon...let's just say that about 2 seconds after this picture was taken there was a baby-overboard-close-call situation.

Here are the rest of the pictures we got. There are a couple of meh ones, but I didn't capture the one I was hoping for. You know, the one where both kids are looking at the camera at the same time and if not smiling, then at least not looking completely miserable. Ha!

The second attempt at the second pumpkin patch was even more unsuccessful. We tried to take them over the weekend but there is some sort of freak infestation of mosquitoes going on right now in our area. We were there for about 60 seconds before we were running for cover because even with bug spray they were still swarming us. Poor Harrison...I felt so bad because I had promised him he could sit on the tractor they had there and he was very upset when he realized it wasn't going to happen. Hopefully we'll have better luck next year!


haha oh man this sounds a lot like our experience at the pumpkin patch too. noah was tired and a little whiny and groucy so yeah it was interesting. we still enjoyed it tho. i love the pics that you did get! your kids are just precious!
Tracye said…
You don't get the Holy Grail often. Maybe once or twice in a lifetime. Sorry you didn't get it at the pumpkin patch! Just wait until your third (or fourth, or the twins) gets here... getting that many kids looking at the same time... doesn't really happen! That's what photoshop is for!

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