Funny Farm

I have so much to blog about. Some of it very, very somebody's-pregnant-exciting (and no, not me). But at the moment I have approximately 2 minutes to dedicate to a blog post so until I find more time I will leave you with a few pictures of Harper's 5 month photo session, Halloween style:

Um...really?  You dress me in THIS and then expect me to smile for you?

Okay, okay. I admit that the lengths Mommy goes to in order to get a grin out of me are sort of amusing.

Seriously, she is such a dork!

Those dance moves are ridiculous!

Harrison the "moom-cow" stopped by to steal share the limelight.

I can't believe you are torturing us for your pleasure.

A duck/chicken (which is it?) and a silly farm animals!


Jocelyn said…
Too cute! I love seeing everyone's Halloween costumes!

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