Rewind and pause.

I held a precious little newborn a few hours ago. My friend Stacie had her baby on Monday and I had the privilege of meeting sweet Abigail tonight. While I held all six pounds of her in my arms, I couldn't help but feel emotional about how quickly time is escaping. Blame it on crazy hormones, but I actually shed a few tears on my drive home as I thought about how I'm already beginning to forget the feeling of holding my precious little newborns in my arms.  It was only 5 months ago that Harper was my 5lb. itty bitty doll baby and it already feels like it was a lifetime ago. My heart hurts over the fact that every last moment of both of my babies' infancies are gone forever. Of course I will always have memories of that precious, fleeting time. And as each day passes I am incredibly blessed to see them grow and change and to make new memories with them. But there is always an underlying sadness that as each day passes those first memories get more and more distant. Oh how I wish I could rewind life and feel them in my arms as newborns just one more time.  It's a simple fact that time goes on and kids grow up. I get that. But I am definitely having a hard time reconciling my heart with that logic.

My little ones aren't even 2 and 6 months and I came home telling Rick I'm ready to have more, because holy moly, we're running out of babies!  Um, yeah. Did somebody say crazy hormones???


Tracye said…
My goodness. If *anybody* gets this, it's me.

I just about can't look at pictures or videos of my babies as babies. I just break down into a blubbery, snotty mess of sadness that they're not itty bitty anymore.

Which is exactly why I need to cherish every moment of the next few months, instead of being a brat and being disappointed over my own plans being thwarted.

But this is your blog, not mine! ;)
Anonymous said…
babies grow up way too fast... i enjoy the 6 month age..tracye better enjoy this last one... you both will have your memories until you get old like me...i still remember my 40 and 34 year old boys. sweet babies...great men..your babies will always think of them as your babies. love ya all mary
Anonymous said…
oh yeah... are you two trying to send me to the old folks home sooner than necessary??? ha ha mary

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