New Title

So I have a new title to add to my resume. It's slightly more glamorous than my current position of Tushy Wiping Extraordinaire.

CFO. Partner. President (Okay, Vice President, but who's keeping score?). Owner (Okay, Co-Owner, whatevs!). Pretty much Whatever-Title-I-Feel-Like-Giving-Myself-Because-I'm-The-Co-Owner!!!!!

Let me back up.

A few months ago a "great opportunity" fell into Rick's lap. I feel compelled to use the quotation marks because at first I felt like this "great opportunity" was a very bad idea. I'm really not much of a risk-taker.  I get anxious pretty easily and worry way too much about even the littlest of things. I like steady predictability. I'm not really a fan of adrenaline. I'm very happy with my Boring, thank you very much. So when presented with the "great opportunity" to invest a good chunk of our savings and at the same time lose our only source of stable income, I was a little less than thrilled. Just a tad.

But then I came to my senses and realized that this really is a great opportunity with no quotation marks. Not on my own, of course, but through lots and lots of prayer. God has definitely been teaching me a lot through this experience. To trust my husband and be his number one supporter.  To put my money where my mouth is when it comes to our finances and truly prove that money and security and materialistic things aren't my top priority. To have faith that God will take care of us and has a plan for us and to be okay with whatever that plan looks like, whether this opportunity flourishes or fails. To let this experience bond me closer to my God and closer to my husband and to stop holding those reins of comfort so darn tight. To let go of my biggest idol, which is control.

And you know what? Yes, the anxiety is there. But so is the adrenaline...and it's pretty great!

(And side note: there's nothing sexier than seeing your husband take charge and chase dreams...I am so proud of him.)

So, Rick and I became owners of a small manufacturing company. (I totally love it that I get to be called an owner even though I haven't really lifted a finger compared to all of the hard work that my hubby has invested!) It's been a challenging couple of months as he was working 2 full time jobs until about 2 weeks ago. He would leave the house at 4am and not get home until midnight. I still don't know how he was functioning for those first long months. We were both exhausted and I definitely have a renewed appreciation for all those single moms out there -- my kids were beginning to kick my butt. Ha! (but really). Thankfully his schedule is starting to calm down a little bit now that he's focusing solely on the business now. It's taking off and aside from the little bumps in the road that go along with any new business, things are looking up. Our hope is that it will eventually give him more flexibility so he can be home more and not have to drive so far. He's currently commuting 120 miles per day and so we are hoping the "eventually" happens sooner rather than later!

I packed up the kiddies and we went to visit the shop for the first time. Yes, I actually do realize how pathetic it is that it was just now my first time visiting the business that I co-own. But did I mention it is a 120 mile commute?

Harper was excited to see her daddy and his temporary home away from home.

Harrison had a gool ol' time playing on the computer.

And spinning in the chair.

And best of all, sitting on the forklift!

 The babies and their momma:

CFO/Partner/Vice President/Co-Owner/Queen Bee

But Tushy Wiping Extraordinaire first.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Anonymous said…
glad to see the crew where they will be working soon..ha ha don't let rick teach you to run anything.... you know how husbands think... if they do it once they can do it all of you
Tracye said…

Listen to her!


Hubs and I are having a hard time imagining Rick as a business owner.... :) But we're sooooo PROUD of him!!!

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