Monday, July 19, 2010

Why I do the majority of the cooking.

My husband is sweet. Really, he is.

He offered to cook dinner tonight!

Can you tell what it is?

Is it scrambled eggs?


Is it a rice cake?

No, but nice try!

Is it a potato patty?

Wrong again!

Is it a sugar cookie?

No, sillies!

I'm sure all of your guesses are great. Wrong, of course, but thanks for playing.

I can't fault him for messing it up.

I mean, making pancakes out of the box is tough work.

The fact that he is cooking-challenged is one of my favorite things about him. Relationships need a certain amount of mystery, and that's exactly what you get when he's in the kitchen. He's made some of the best food I've tasted, and some that even the dog won't touch. And if you know Sydney, you know it must be bad.

He's almost done with the "amoeba cakes" as he's nicknamed them, so I'm signing off.

Wish me and my stomach luck!

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