New wheels.

I broke down and ordered a walker for Harrison. It was one of those things that I didn't think he needed and I didn't want yet another baby gear item cluttering up the house. Well, I changed my mind last week now that he's mobile and gets into EVERYTHING. Seriously, how does he automatically know what he's not supposed to touch and then become obsessed with touching it? Is it some sort of baby sixth sense or something? He is a total magnet to mischief and I feel like I am constantly retrieving him from off limit areas.  So I reconsidered the walker idea and thought that maybe it would still give him the mobility and freedom he loves without allowing him to touch/taste/destroy/etc. everything in sight.

It showed up this afternoon and I put it together so he could take it for a test drive. Looks like he inherited his dad's driving skills. Oh my. World, watch out!


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