Because the view is so much better up here!

Guess who pulled himself up for the first time today?

Or at least today is the first time I saw him do it. Rick casually mentioned Sunday afternoon that he had done it while I was at the store. When my eyes started welling up with tears, he quickly tried to cheer me up by saying it didn't count and that it was only for a second and that he had only done it by accident. I swear, my kid is just trying to break my heart. Next thing I know he'll be off getting married and I won't even get an invite. Doesn't he know that I am completely over-sensitive and emotional and that he should wait to meet these milestones until I am willing and ready for him to, or at the very least actually present to witness them? I mean, that's not too much to ask, is it?   :)


Anonymous said…
he loves his momma.. hejust can not wait on you all day... he is a busy man... great baby.... miss you mary

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