A Week in the Life {Wednesday}

5:00a.m. - Rick's alarm went off. I seriously don't know how he does it day after day. Especially since he's been having to work such long days and nights lately. Sometimes it's easy for me to get upset/irritated/annoyed that he's gone all the time and I feel like a single mom a lot but I know that it's a short-term sacrifice. He works so hard for our family and I respect him for that. So there you go, Rick. I know I probably don't say it enough and now you have it in writing :)

6:30a.m. - My alarm went off and I got out of bed. I'm so not a morning person but I knew if I hit snooze I would be running late so I forced myself to get up. I took a shower and got ready and packed the kids' bags for BSF.

7:30a.m. - Kids were officially up for the day. I got them dressed and fixed them breakfast. Just waffles in the toaster today because I was trying to get us out the door. Harrison threw a fit because his waffle was too "squishy" and wouldn't eat it. I have to remind myself daily that I used to be a picky eater too and hopefully he will grow out of this phase!

8:30a.m. - Got everyone's teeth brushed and hair fixed and we were on our way. I think I've mentioned on here before what BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) is but if not, it is an international bible study and focuses on one book of the bible throughout the entire 9-month year. This year we studied Genesis and I can't believe how much I've missed out when I've read through it before. They really dig deep and dissect every chapter and it's been awesome. I also love that they teach the kids the exact same thing that the adults are learning, but on their level. Rick goes to the men's class on Monday nights and they also study the same book so we are able to discuss the lessons as a family. Today was our last day for this year since we'll have to miss next week's final class (we got Harrison's colonoscopy scheduled for May 15 at 7am).

Keeping it classy with a potty in my car. Ha!

11:30a.m. - We headed back home to eat lunch. Then I packed a backpack and loaded the wagon in my car since I had planned a trip to the zoo. I told the kids I had a surprise for them and gave them hints on where we were going, but no matter what hints I gave them they insisted that their surprise was Whataburger. Sorry to disappoint you, kids! Haha.

12:30p.m. - Stopped by Katie's house to drop off her BSF lesson since she wasn't feeling well this morning and then we continued on our way to the zoo. We had originally planned to go with my friend Brandy and her son Brody, but poor Brody isn't feeling well either. So it was just the three of us today but we still had a great time. I was hoping Harper would nap in the car but she wasn't feeling that, so we jammed out to some of our songs instead. They both LOVE the song "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line (Harrison sings baby you're a song, you make me want to roll my windows down and then Harper yells and CRUUUUUISE!) and a song they've recently adopted as "our" song is "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker  (rock me mama like the wind and the rain, rock me mama like a south bound train, heyyyyy mama rock me - and then they tell me I need to rock them :) )

1:30p.m. - Arrived at the zoo and the kids did great. Normally they aren't very interested in the animals but today they were. Harrison especially loved the jelly fish and Harper's favorite was some kind of longhorn cattle. One notable story -- and yes, it involves my son embarrassing me in a public restroom again -- Harper told me she needed to poop so we hurried to the bathrooms. I went to pull her pull-up down and hadn't realized that she didn't quite make it all the way to the toilet before starting to go a little and a small chuck of poo fell out onto the floor. Before I could grab toilet paper to pick it up, Harrison starts shouting EEEEWW, Mommy!!! There's poop on the floor! Harper just pooped on the floor, Mommy!!! That's so gross! Why did she poop on the floor?!? I was trying to shush him because, YEAH, it is gross and I didn't really want the other people in the restroom knowing that that had just happened. I may or may not have suggested that it wasn't poop and maybe it was just mud instead. He totally didn't buy it. No mommy, that's poop, it's not mud! You shouldn't tell a lie because we don't tell lies in our family. Remember? So now not only did I allow one child to defecate on the floor but I also lied to a small child and totally got called out for it. Walk of Shame out of that bathroom, haha!!!

Harrison loved the splash pad
Silly Girl wanted no part in the water and hung back with me

3:30p.m. - We left the zoo and I stopped by Sonic to get us all a nice little treat. Harrison asked me the other day what a milkshake was and I felt obligated to show him. :) When Harrison was Harper's age I used to get him just a cup of ice from there and everybody gave me a hard time for depriving him of the good stuff....well folks, there is a reason I had the no-drinks-in-the-car rule!

5:00p.m. - We made it back home. Man, do I not miss that commute! I was pretty excited today though because we got to whiz by the stopped traffic since we got to take the HOV lane. Suckas! I used to be on the other side of that barricade and I'm pretty sure that all that time wasted sitting there chipped away a little bit of my soul each day. Ha! Harper fell asleep 10 minutes from the house but I only let her sleep for about 20 minutes since it was so late. She was grumpy and just wanted to be held so we rocked while Harrison serenaded us with the Darius Rucker song :) Then we talked her into going outside to play with us for a little bit.

6:30p.m. - Rick got home and we hung out in the backyard for a little bit. Then we came in and ate leftover spaghetti for dinner. After dinner it was bath time for the kids and The Brushing of the Teeth (which I capitalized because some nights it is definitely an official event!).

8:30p.m. - Bedtime for the kids. It was nice having Rick home to tuck them in with. We said our family prayers together where we go through and say a different prayer for each finger. Tonight Harrison said, Dear God, you are holy and I'm sorry for not waiting and running off...and I'm thankful for my bed and my house and my food and my toys...and please give Aunt Tienna a baby, pretty please with a cherry on top...and I love me! I love me! I love me! (prayer for himself, lol) We lift up these prayers in the name of Jesus, Amen! Harper has been wanting to pray lately, too, and tonight she said, Dear Gah, dank do (thank you), Amen! And then they rolled around and wrestled and played and giggled with each other and all of my impatience and frustrations melted away.

9:00p.m. - Rick made us each a margarita (I think we are still in Mexico mode ;) ). After I finish this blog post I have some list making to do (squee)! and then I need to finish up the party favors. Hopefully I will go to bed at a decent hour but I am such a night owl so that's not likely!

Here's my Wednesday post from last time.


Jocelyn said…
Eli also loves "Wagon Wheel," although he calls it "Mama Rock" instead. :-)

It sounds like Wednesday was a great day!
Tienna said…
I know you're only 3 days in, but this post was definitely my favorite. The bathroom saga - absolutely priceless!

Prayers heading your way for the next week. Glad you were able to get his procedure scheduled on Wednesday.

Harrison's prayers make me tear up every time. I'm so touched that he continues to pray for us to have a baby. Love you guys!!

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