3 & 1

My kiddos had picture day at school recently and I tried to take a few pictures of them before we left the house. I love them at this stage. Don't get me wrong, this stage comes with lots of challenges and frustrations on both sides...but there there is something incredibly sweet about 3 and 1. How they crave independence yet are always checking to make sure you're right there watching. How they want to do everything all by themselves yet still need you to kiss their owies and blow on their food and sing them songs at night. How they fight and squabble over toys (or anything) yet they are best friends and love each other only the way siblings can. I love all of it.

This is MY window ledge to sit on!
"go away!" (one of her favorite things to say...we're working on that :) )

If you won't move then I'll just move you myself!

It's been an emotional week for me and we could use your prayers if you think about it. A few days ago, we noticed that Harrison had dried blood in his underwear. It was enough to soak all the way through his shorts. When he went to go #2 there was more blood there. I wasn't too concerned at first thinking it was probably just a hemorrhoid or something. But when I called the nurse she told me the doctor wanted us to bring him in. The rectal exam was normal and there was no signs of any hemorrhoids or fissures or scratches. The doctor is concerned that the bleeding occurred before he went to the bathroom and therefore wasn't a result of straining. He hasn't been constipated or had any diarrhea or vomiting so he doesn't think it's bacterial or an infection (waiting on the results of the stool sample to confirm). He wants Harrison to see a pediatric gastrointerologist and have a colonoscopy done to find the cause of the bleeding. He reassured us that it's most likely benign but wants to be certain it's not something more serious like the C-word. There aren't a lot of pediatric GI's in Houston and the waiting list usually averages 3 months, but thankfully there was a last minute cancellation and we were able to get him in tomorrow. Praise God. Please pray for a good consultation. I am hoping that they will have a less invasive procedure to find the cause because I would hate for my little boy to have to go through a colonoscopy. I'm trying not to worry but unfortunately not worrying is not one of my strengths.

I love this kid more than I could ever express

Another reason I've been emotional is because today is the last day this little girl will be 1. I know I'm a broken record when I say that watching them grow and get older is bittersweet. And even though I am sad to see another year of her life gone, I think I'm more emotional because I'm just so grateful that God has let me see her reach another birthday. He's been working on my heart lately and reminding me that every single day with my kids is a gift from Him. They don't belong to me, but to Him. The little years are hard and challenge me to be more self-sacrificing and humble and servant-hearted than I've ever had to be. Sometimes it's easy to fall into the trap of wishing this time away. I've been praying every morning for God to help me keep perspective and to remind me that what I'm doing everyday -- even though it seems trivial and mundane many days -- is making a bigger impact than I realize and that He would help me to not take any of these days with my children for granted.

Seriously though, how is she going to be TWO?
Even though my sanity is challenged on a daily basis I'm thankful that motherhood is even more packed full of rewards and encouragement. The hugs and kisses and giggles and I love you's far outweigh the fights and tantrums and disciplining and NO!'s.

Harper's signature face-grab while giving kisses. :)

It scares me how much I love these two.


Jocelyn said…
You're a great mama...
Prayers for Harrison!
They are so adorable! I will keep Harrison in my prayers.

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