Super Harrison

I thought I'd take a minute to update you on Harrison. Thank you for your prayers -- they were heard and answered! The doctor didn't see any polyps in his colon and he suspects that it was either just one polyp that ruptured or an internal fissure. There are a few more possibilities that could have caused the bleeding so he sent some tissue for biopsy but overall I feel a huge sense of relief!

Harrison did amazing. I'm so proud of that little boy. Our Super Fun Day went surprisingly well. Rick's mom came to help out and she was a great distraction for him. He only had one hunger meltdown when he found us sneaking a snack to Harper. Other than that he seemed content with jello and popsicles. Even with a 6 hour power outage (long story) the day was a huge success. Getting the last dose of medicine down him wasn't easy but eventually we got it in him. He may or may not have emotional trauma over the event. :)

The morning of the procedure he complained a little of being hungry and thirsty but there were no tears. Even when they wheeled him away from us. A sweet friend gave him this Superman costume and it helped to boost his courageousness -- it was such a thoughtful gift. He kept calling himself Super Harrison.

The procedure took about 45 minutes and the doctor came in to give us his report. He said that most kids are awake within 10 minutes but some can take up to an hour. Our little man took THREE hours. The nurse finally came to get us to see if maybe hearing his parents' voices would stimulate him any but it took us 30 minutes to get any kind of response out of him. I knew he was okay (even though the nurse kind of acted worried and kept saying stuff like I can't believe he's still asleep. No kid has ever slept more than an hour. And then paged an anesthesiologist to come take a look at him -- not good for my anxiety! ha!) but it was a little scary not being able to wake him up. I kept thinking about people with loved ones in comas and how awful that must be to have them so close, yet not there. Anyway, after our sleeping beauty finally decided to wake up he was pretty entertaining. He had already won over all of the nurses by charming them before he went under the anesthesia so when he was awake again his fan club came back to pay him a visit and say goodbye. He is such a ham. ;)

Brought back memories of trying to wake him up to get him to eat as a newborn

Today we are hanging out and taking it easy. He's still complaining of being sore and having "diaper rash" and also still has a little diarrhea. I'm so thankful to have all of this over and done with and feel like I can breathe again. Thank you again for praying for my sweet little boy!


Jocelyn said…
I'm glad it went well!!!

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