Mother's Day

This year was probably my favorite Mother's Day yet. It actually started the night before. My brother drove down for Harper's birthday party (still need to upload pics) so we celebrated with our mom (and Tim) that night. Rick stayed with the kids so we could go somewhere decent and it was great to have adult conversation and eat a hot meal and I even got to enjoy a glass of wine!

Since it was Mother's Day, Rick wanted to give me a day where I didn't have to cook a thing. So for breakfast the kids decided they wanted to treat me to....wait for it....Whataburger! Haha! They were being so sweet and of course I humored them so off we went. When we got there and I went to get Harper out of the truck we realized she had taken her shoes off before we left and she was barefoot. So we opted for a drive-thru, eat-in-the-truck kind of breakfast so we could run back and get her shoes so we wouldn't be (too) late for church. Of course the nursery volunteer said she had them off before we were through the door so I don't know why we bother trying to keep shoes on that girl! :)

For lunch I chose Cafe Express. I love, love, love their tea and sweet potato fries and the weather was gorgeous and I like to sit out on the patio. Plus, the kids always do way better outside where there are birds and cars driving by and lots of other distractions.

I think this may be my favorite picture of the kids and me. They are such sweeties!

After lunch, Rick asked me if there was anything I wanted to do and I jumped at the opportunity to go to the outlets. I'm not a huge shopper but the weather was so nice and I wanted to enjoy being outside. Plus, the "kids" wanted to get me a new purse. Last month, Harrison fell down and scraped his knees pretty badly and when I picked him up to carry him the rest of the way into church I didn't realize he was bleeding all over my shirt and the bag I was carrying. I got it out of my shirt but was unsuccessful at getting it out of my canvas bag. So it was definitely time to get a new one. My standards have dropped significantly since becoming a mom but I draw the line at blood stains. Ha! Anyway, I think I've blogged about how I'm not much of a purse person. However, I'm really glad Rick talked me into these two new beauties in my life. I've been used to carrying around various diaper bags/back packs/canvas totes and it feels refreshing to feel like a girl again and not just a mom. And it also helped that they were both on clearance and they were having an additional 65% off lowest price ;)

just big enough to throw in an extra set of shorts for the kids and my happy to downsize!

And because it was a Mom's-not-cooking kind of day...we went out to eat for all 3 meals. Haha. But that's okay because I didn't have to cook! Or do dishes! And the kids did super. It really was a successful day. For dinner we went to this charming little italian pizzeria and it was perfect.

The kids did so great that we walked over to get frozen yogurt after dinner. Only for the kids; not at all for me. :)

I think one of my favorite things about the day was that I got to drag Rick to the grocery store so he could witness firsthand what I usually get to deal with. The kids didn't disappoint, either. But one good thing with loud, fighting children is when I ditched them ventured off to grab a couple of things on my list I could always find my family again really quickly. Haha!

They usually start off sweet...

But that usually doesn't last very long! (And don't let that sweet girl fool you...she is quite the instigator ;) )

Another thing Rick took over for the day was all of the question-answering. And for.the.LOVE are there a lot of ennnnnnnndlesssssssssss questions. I'll have to tell the story about how Harrison totally dissed me and my ability to answer his questions in another post but just know that that kid knows how to make you feel really dumb. Unless you are his father. In which case he's all, Daddy, that's a cool answer! You're so cool, Dad. Whatev. That's okay though...from now on I'll just redirect him to his super cool dad next time he's annoyed with all of my answers. Ha!

We ended the night snuggling up on the couch. I'm so thankful for these two little boogers that made me a mom (and of course their super cool dad, too). I'm also so thankful for my mom as well as the mom I was lucky enough to gain through marriage. Both ladies do so much for our family and I don't know what I'd do without them!

Speaking of Super Cool Dad....listen to how super cool THIS is. He and my friend's husband conspired together to arrange for us to have a spa day. So tomorrow, Stacie and I will be pampered from 12:30 to 5:30 and then we will come back to Stacie's house where the guys will have dinner fixed for us. Now do you see why this was my favorite Mother's Day yet?!!!!! 5 hours of luxury with a great friend while our hubbies take care of the kids and dinner...doesn't get much better than that! We snagged us some good guys, that's for sure!


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