Harper's Birthday

 It's been over 2 weeks now but I still want to document our little burrito's birthday. We had an unexpected change of plans but we went with the flow and all had a great day!

Harrison had his appointment with the pediatric GI that morning all the way across Houston. I hated that we had to spend half of her birthday traveling and then waiting at the doctor's office but didn't have a choice since they had a cancellation and otherwise we would have had to wait months to get him in. But on a positive note, Rick took the day off from work and we got to spend the entire day together as a family, so that made it extra special for her.

I almost didn't have to comb her hair. Haha!

the birthday girl

We stopped for birthday donuts on the way to the doctor, which clearly became evident that it was a very bad decision on our part. Lots of sugar + 2 hour appointment = giant disaster. NO fun for anybody. Like, none. Let me just say that it's a good thing it was a certain 2-year old girl's birthday and that we were worried about a certain 3-year old little boy or they just may not have survived the wrath of their parents. Ha! After the appointment it was time for lunch, so we drove back to Houston and ate at Smashburger. Yum and yum.

And because we are extra adventurous, we stopped by the downtown aquarium even though nap time time was dangerously approaching. This time the kids did great!

You can't really tell in this picture, but Harper has her hands on her face Home Alone style because she was afraid to enter the dark hall to the aquarium. Too cute. And on second thought, probably not the best place to take someone who is afraid of animals on their birthday. :)

As long as she was in Daddy's arms she was okay.

There was a bird squawking and she wasn't so sure about it

But she *was* sure about this tiger. Sure she wanted to be far, far away from it!

He kept reassuring her. "It's okay, Sissy!"

Then we went outside to play some of the carnival games and ride the train. Much more up her alley.

After the aquarium we headed back down to our part of town for a little cupcake action. 

 I know two kids who were very happy about rainbow chip cupcakes. (and two parents)

And then, because we had already talked up our original plans and didn't want to disappoint the kids, we kept them and headed to the Kemah Boardwalk for some more fun. The day started off unseasonably cold but ended up being perfect.

more sugar of course!

We had their caricatures made and then Harper's best friend showed up to join in on some more fun toddler rides.

they had a little catching up to do :)

After Kemah we stopped by Chic-fil-a for some dinner. They had a massive 3 story play place and thankfully Harper was content hanging out at the bottom since she was too short to climb up. Until her brother came to her rescue and pulled her up...they looked like a couple of monkeys. We sent Uncle Jeff up to retrieve her :) 

After a long day, we finally made it back home. We ended it with an episode of the birthday girl's favorite show, "Su Why!" and some popcorn and then it was time for her to open her presents. 

I've waited long enough...now hand over my gifts!

Harrison was sweet and wanted to use some money out of his piggy bank to get her a present just from him. It took quite a bit of convincing that she did not in fact want a monster truck or construction equipment, but eventually he decided on a Minnie Mouse vacuum. It was a perfect pick for her and she loved it!

Rick and I got her a personalized scripture doll from Baby Be Blessed. I originally ordered it for Christmas but they had a long waiting list so it became her birthday gift by default. But it was worth the wait! You can personalize the hair and facial features and then pick out a bible verse that is sewn on to the doll's tummy. I think it's a perfect keepsake and I hope she treasures it as much as I do.


It was a really busy and exhausting day but I had so much fun celebrating my little girl!


OMG, love the scripture doll! Emma may just need one for Christmas!! Love Harper's dress. So cute.

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