Unsolicited advice.

Sometimes people just need to mind their own business. I'm thinking these people are the worst fortune cookie writers ever.

I mean, sure, maybe there's a chance I'm just being a little over-sensitive due to the fact that I feel like my uterus is a ticking time bomb. But I'm already dealing with enough "preparing for the worst" thoughts and I was really looking forward to the typical generically optimistic, happy-go-lucky, rainbows-and-sunshine kind of message that they usually give you (you know, to make you feel better for consuming 36,545 calories in the form of delicious, fried, chinese food goodness).

And now I'm craving egg rolls.


Lindsay Salsky said…
You are suppose to end those fortunes "...in bed."
Tracye said…
Pretty accurate this time around, no? ;)
Katie Norman said…
Me too!!! Mmmm... Hot Wok!

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