My Birthday

Once I hit 25, I thought that birthdays were supposed to become pretty anti-climatic. Nothing much to look forward to except getting old, right?

Except on my 26th birthday, I found out I was pregnant with Harrison. Kind of the opposite of anti-climatic if you ask me. I'm pretty sure no other birthday I have will ever top that year and the huge news I was surprised with. And then my 27th birthday came and was also wonderful as I was all swept up in the bliss of a having a sweet little newborn. I never thought that one year later I would be turning 28...while 28 weeks pregnant with baby #2! I've definitely learned that life after the 25 mark is still pretty darn interesting. Sure, I'm getting old(er), but there is still pleeeenty to look forward to!

Today was such a nice day. I kept getting text after text of well wishes and I kept thinking, how in the world do all these people know or remember that it's my birthday? And then I remembered Facebook. Ahhh, Facebook. I came home this afternoon to an inbox full of wall posts and emails and my dear friends Tienna and Katie even wrote sweet blog posts about me! I have felt so special and loved on all day, I'm telling you. What did we ever do before all this great technology? :)

My hubby has done his part to make me feel special as well. I woke up to a big bouquet of flowers (b/c he just had to top Harrison's bouquet that was delivered on Monday - sweet, right?!), a warm and delicious breakfast, and a fully packed and loaded car for the fun day we had planned. He took the day off from work and it was so great to spend the day together as a family. I'm especially sentimental lately because I know how short the days are getting before we are no longer a family of 3 and I'm trying to savor our quality time with Harrison before the next fun and exciting chapter begins.

Speaking of technology and chapters, check out my birthday gift! I am usually way behind the times when it comes to embracing gadgets (I still don't even own an iPod, *gasp*), but I am really stoked about the Kindle. I thought I wouldn't like making the switch from the glorious smell and feel of the fresh pages of a good old fashioned book, but after playing with this for a while I really think I'm going to love it. I like that I can carry it with me everywhere and I also love the idea of having all of my highlighted notes in one place. Now maybe I will actually be more inclined to finish the books I'm reading so I can finally start on the ones I have on my to-read list!

We spent the morning at the zoo and we had such a blast! We took Harrison last year on my birthday as well, but obviously at 3 months he wasn't too engaged. This year he loved it. I'm pretty sure he managed to bark out his little "woo-woo"s at every single exhibit since he seems to think every animal is a puppy. He was especially intrigued by the seal exhibit because they were playing with "ba"s (balls). And he dug the bat exhibit because there were "na-na"s (bananas) hanging from the ceiling. But I think his favorite were the monkeys. Because, well, I'm pretty sure he thinks he's one of them.

Whoa! Check out my friend over there!

Uh, Mom? Why aren't you yelling at HIM for climbing and jumping on everything?

Here he was last year:

And this year:

I still can't believe how big he's gotten!

Here are a few more pictures we took throughout the morning:

Me & the love of my life

Me & my favorite boys

Baby's first carousel ride

It was a gorgeous morning and we packed a nice picnic lunch. We were a little worried that Harrison would want no part in staying put on a blanket, but luckily for us the key to that boy's heart is food. Once we broke out the grub, he wasn't going anywhere.

We tried to get a good picture of the three of us, but when we pried him away from the food the only way to crack a smile out of this little boy was to resort to the tickle method. Which didn't really get us any "smile" pictures, but I kind of think the "laugh" pictures are even better.

I really did have such a good day. I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm going to fall asleep tonight with a big, fat, grateful smile on my face!


Anonymous said…
i am so glad you had a wonderful day at the zoo with your other two boys...both are getting so are beautiful and lovely... glad you had a wonderful birthday... next year you won't remember because of the age thing... old one.. ha ha the youngest of the bunch... love ya lots,... see ya soon. love mary and roy.. he wanted to text you but did not have time...he was getting back to work... love ya
Jocelyn said…
The family photos with the laughs are really precious!
Tienna said…
What a perfect day!! You guys are the most adorable family!! Oh and my friend Katie recently got a Kindle and she LOVE LOVE LOVES it! She's constantly raving about. :)

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