Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break!

Spring Break came and went in a flash and I wanted to do a short recap of our week. I seriously can't believe that it is already 20 days into March! Where has this month gone?

The days of the week and what we did are already blurring together in my mind, and I've been pretty lousy at taking pictures lately. I mentioned that Joel came to stay, and we were also thrilled to have my cousin Stephanie come down from Plano at the last minute, too. I SO love both of those kids (although I'm starting to realize I can't really call her a kid any longer!).

Joel and Harrison had a good time playing together but I must say that I felt bad for Joel at times. Harrison is clearly not a fan of sharing his toys and wanted to be doing everthing Joel was doing, which I'm sure was pretty annoying for a 5 year old. Stephanie was such a huge help this week. I am trying to get her to come move in with me and be my nanny, but she keeps talking this nonsense about school and friends and her parents. Ha! When we were at Chick-fil-A for lunch one day I smelled that Harrison had a stinker and got up to go change him. She stood up and firmly said, "Kelsey! You are pregnant. You do not need to be changing diapers! Sit back down and I will do it." So I of course sat right back down and gladly let her take him. :) Did I mention I want her to come live with me? Ha!

The week was pretty low key since I'm forcing myself to rest more. We did manage to go to the library, the park, to the strand in Galveston, and to the Houston rodeo (all were pretty short visits). And as is my life lately we also squeezed two doctor appointments in there, too -- one for me and one for Harrison. We also watched a lot of movies and ate a lot of ice cream and other bad but oh-so-good food. But it doesn't count during vacation, right?

Here are the only pictures I took the entire week. Like I said, I'm slacking big time!

Harrison's third haircut
Harrison got his first haircut a few months back by my friend Amy. She owns a salon and has been doing my hair for years and I love her. I knew he wouldn't sit still for her if I took him in to her salon so a few weeks ago I tried to trim it myself with the help of Rick. Well, he didn't sit still for me either and it wasn't the best haircut in the world. In fact, when I took him to see his pediatrician the first thing Dr. Binder said when he walked in through the door was, "What's wrong, Buddy? Is it that awful haircut?" Ha ha! When I told him that I was the one that gave it to him he jokingly asked why I would be so mean. He has a great sense of humor and was totally kidding of course, but I knew it was time for a more professional cut! (In my defense Harrison's cowlick is impossible to defeat...)

Something's up...what is going on here?

Looking spiffy!
The only other pictures I took were from the rodeo, and my mom actually took most of them.  In this next picture, Joel kept making this funny smirk and when I asked him "what kind of smile is that?" he quickly informed me that it was a "cowboy smile". Love it!

Joel, Harrison, & Steph
 Harrison had his very first pony ride. He screamed and cried when the guy picked him up to strap him on, but once he realized I was still right by his side he had a ball. He kept petting the pony and barking "woo-woo" over and over, which is what he does when he sees any animal. Fur = puppy to him, I guess.

Baby's first pony ride

Joel and the creepy cow guy

Loading up his basket at the kids' farmer's market

planting seeds

they look thrilled, right?

Farmer Joel

Harrison threw a FIT when he had to get off of the tractor. The boy loves cars and trucks, and now apparently farm equipment.

Sweet baby hugs

Harrison and Beda, or "Mam-ma" as he has opted to call her instead. Ha!
And can I just say that I feel like it is insane how much my little boy has grown up and changed since last year?!

March 2011
Harrison, 15 mo.

March 2010
Harrison, 3 mo.

I can't even imagine what life will look like a year from now...but I'm so excited to find out!

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