I'm becoming a regular.

I have been to the doctor 3 times in 1 week and go again on Monday...all I can say is thank God that our insurance finally kicked in and we now have maternity coverage! What a HUGE blessing.

My contractions have still been coming on like clockwork in the evenings and after talking to a few friends who have gone through similar experiences and getting lectured by well-intentioned loved ones (hi Mary!), I decided it was time to call the doctor again and find out more specifically what's going on in my uterus. I felt really relieved about the negative fetal fibronectin test, but in talking to a friend at church on Sunday I learned that a negative test doesn't mean that the contractions aren't still possibly dilating the cervix.

They had me come in yesterday for a full urine workup to rule out a possible infection and then hooked me up to the monitor for about an hour to watch contractions as well as the baby's heart rate. Harrison was hilarious -- when he heard the heartbeat he started clapping and dancing to the "music." Too cute, right?!

Since I can't have a pelvic exam to see if I'm dilated they ordered an ultrasound to look at my cervix and placenta. They couldn't squeeze me in yesterday so I had to go back first thing this morning.

The great news: the contractions aren't dilating my cervix at all. No bed rest for me yet!

The not-so-great news: my placenta still hasn't budged. She also said that my amniotic fluid levels have dropped (they are still in the safe range though) and told me I need to increase my water intake. She also said that a dehydrated uterus will definitely contract, so hopefully more water and more rest will do the trick.

If the contractions don't ease up then I can take some medication that will help "quiet down" my uterus. For now my only restrictions include lifting and any strenuous activity (and of course the lovely pelvic rest), and in general just to listen to my body and...wait for it...rest as much as possible. Not sure why I have such a hard time doing that (other than having a toddler running around, ha). I just get in a funk when I'm idle for too long and don't know how to shut my mind down long enough to find rest relaxing. But I know this is temporary and I'll do whatever it takes. I know when I have TWO kids running around I'm sure I'll be kicking myself for not resting more when I had the chance!

I promised my hubby and his concerned momma (hi Mary!) that I would lie down as much as I can throughout the day and just let go of the idea of keeping a clean house (gulp) and cooking dinner every night. I have a terrible time asking for or accepting help and I'm not really sure why. Many of my dear friends and family have offered to help out and it really does mean so much to know that they care. I am working on being less stubborn strong-willed and am wholeheartedly dedicated to keeping my baby girl in my belly as long as I possibly can. Even if that means giving up control (double-gulp) and letting people do things for me. I am trying to learn that it's not a sign of weakness and am also trying to fight off those feelings of guilt that always somehow find a way to creep in...

Speaking of others' helping out -- Rick totally cracked me up last week. He has been telling me that he doesn't want me vacuuming or sweeping or mopping or cleaning anything around the house (which hello? Should be every woman's dream come true, right?) and that he would take care of it all. And then I think he realized all men's inherent inability to clean to a woman's standard (you know, more than once a year) and quickly called and ordered a maid service. Ha! I so love that man. :)


Anonymous said…
great news... although you needed the lectures... in my opinion...you are doing too much..rest still needs to be #2 behind water... i told big roy you would have a race to see who goes the most... he will still beat you... he drinks so much water.. he must be floating..ha ha my worries for you will remain as I am a mother also,...love ya to pieces... harrison is a hoot.. he has the moves... see you soon. love mary!!!!!!!! should not make fun of honorable mother in law or else she will visit more...

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