Just a few reasons why I love March.

1. Seeing this little boy's face light up when we get to go outside to play in the beautiful sunshine

2. Flowering blooms (that prove I kept our tree alive despite my black thumb)

3. Bare feet on the cool grass

4. Soaking up some rays (although you won't catch me in a bathing suit anytime soon, ha!)

5. Watching this guy have a blast playing in the sandbox

6. Green spring leaves sprouting on the maple tree (once again, proof I didn't kill it!)

7.  Cute plaid shorts on an even cuter tushy

8. Watching this fearless child conquer the slide (who says you have to go down on your bottom, Mom?)

9.  Answering the doorbell to a bouquet of flowers in honor of my "birthday week"

10. Watching my baby chase my first "baby"

11. Swinging in the hammock

12. Getting belly laughs out of this sweet boy


Anonymous said…
glad he is enjoying outside... looks like fun... windy here...had a calf this weekend. last cow (blackie). see

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