Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spoke too soon

Maybe one day I'll learn not to jinx myself?? 

12 hours after my last post where I mentioned that we were finally getting over the sickness, the joke was on me, apparently. Harper woke up around 3am crying in pain saying her neck hurt when she tried to move it. I felt her and she was burning up. I called the after hours nurse and after she walked me through some steps trying to get her to touch her chin to her chest. She couldn't do it and was crying in pain, so off the the ER we were sent to make sure it wasn't meningitis. That was an awful 40 minute drive. 

Thankfully, it wasn't meningitis and instead we found out it was the flu. She also had a very inflamed lymph node that was contributing to her neck pain on top of the typical flu achiness. I've never been so relieved for a flu diagnosis. They didn't test her to confirm 100%, but the doctor said they have seen SO many flu cases they are automatically treating flu-like symptoms as the flu. So off we went with a rx for tamiflu. 

A few hours later, Rick started feeling crummy and even came home from work early. He was stubborn and didn't want to go to the doctor because I've never had the flu and it's not the flu and I'm a tough man and it's not the flu, but by the next morning he was feeling so bad that he changed his tune and went to the rediclinic. Sure enough, he tested positive for influenza type A. And by the next day, Harrison and I were at the rediclinic getting the same test results and tamiflu prescriptions. UGH. 4 people with the flu at the same time is SOOOOO much fun, in case you were wondering. It gets even MORE fun when your 5 year old vomits for hours after he has a bad reaction to the tamiflu. FUN!

I thought we had all passed around the flu around Christmas, but it became quickly evident that that was a much milder virus and we only thought we had had a taste of the flu. This was the first time any of us have ever had the true influenza virus and it was MISERABLE! I always wondered if it was as bad as everybody says since I've had a million cases of bronchitis and stomach bugs and colds and even pneumonia, and yep, those people were telling the truth. The flu sucks way worse.

Harrison was mad that he had to get a flu shot in the fall if it didn't even keep the flu away. I feel ya, bud. In fact, this was the first year I have ever gotten the flu shot, and the first year I've ever gotten the flu. Same for Rick. Hmm. 

If you ever need to feel good about your regular parenting, get the flu and then you'll see how crappy your parenting can really be. My kids (actually, all of us) wore the same PJs for 4 days straight before I mustered up the strength to give them baths. They fixed their own meals (cereal totally counts as a meal...or that's what I told myself). They watched unlimited TV. They have never had such freedom. They were in heaven, I'm sure.

I feel like I haven't seen the outside world in a week. Oh, that's right, I haven't. Rick and I were joking about how at least we were saving money by pausing life for a week, but then we remembered that we spent $600 on copays and prescriptions and then the joking wasn't funny anymore...

I do want to interrupt all my grumbling and complaining to say how thankful I am for Harper's protection. The ER doctor warned me that she is high risk and they have seen many cases of children with asthma needing hospitalization for the flu. But she never even developed a cough. Her only symptoms were a high fever, swollen lymph nodes, and headache and muscle soreness. The rest of us have been hacking up our lungs. She definitely had the most mild case out of us all. By Sunday she was feeling like her old self again. 

And she has been SO sweet wanting to take care of all of us. She has made me dozens of get-well cards and comes over frequently to tuck me in with all of her stuffed animals and blankets. She'll gently rub my face and tell me, "poor mommy. Your face is so warm and toasty." She has such a loving and compassionate heart. Here is just one of the many drawings she's made:

family portrait

We are still in our PJs today but dare I say that the end of all this misery is in sight? Nope, not saying it!

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