Happy New Year

We took our annual picture in front of our house on New Year's Day.

It's fun to look back at how our family and trees have grown.

We have all taken turns being sick over the last 2 weeks. Rick started it on Christmas Eve, and I'm wrapping up the tail end of it (hopefully!). Thanks to fever and sickness our New Year's Eve plans changed. We were originally going to ring in the new year with our good friends like we did last year, but instead we stayed home and kept our germs to ourselves. The following picture dump is evidence that we were all getting a little cabin fever...but I have to say that it ended up being a pretty fun celebration after all.

Harper doing some kind of river dance on a stool with one tap show and one light up cinderella shoe, while her brother opted for a little break dancing. Never a dull moment.

We were originally going to just go to bed early, but we started feeling bad for the kids since they were so excited about NYE. So at the last minute we decided to change out of sweats and have our own little fancy party instead. You should have seen Harper's eyes when I asked if she wanted us to play dress up. She picked out a gown I had in the back of my closet from a cruise vacation long before kids, and I shimmied myself into it. She picked out my jewelry and tiara. She also picked out her daddy's "fancy" clothes as well. Lots of excitement for this 3 year old sweetie!

Per Harper's instructions, Harrison took pictures of us posing like princesses. Lol.

Harrison loved being a "photographer."

Harrison was excited to pick out his outfit as well. It's very....eclectic. And yep, those are stormtrooper vans. I'm his hero for buying them.

We broke out the champagne and sparkling grape juice. The kids felt so special drinking out of glass flutes.

cheers! (hi, photobomber)

Then we played some board games.

And then we changed into comfy pajamas and the kids gave my hair a makeover. There is definitely a Star Wars obsession going on in our home.

selfie with the cat

We played a little Wii and then baked (and devoured) some pizookie. And watched the kids give us "concerts." Here's a video of a snippet of our evening. We are wild. Or at least 2 of us are.

And then it was time for the countdown. This poor boy. He has a hard time enjoying fun moments because he's more focused that the fun moments are about to end.


Even though we were up until after midnight, a certain someone didn't sleep past 7. I walked in to my bathroom and found her wearing this ninja turtles mask and making faces at herself in the mirror :)

We let the boys sleep in and cooked a yummy breakfast to kick off the new year right.

I'm looking forward to what 2015 has in store for our family!


Tienna said…
I am WAAAAAY behind on my blog reading, but snuck in to read a few of yours today, because I'm missing you guys. And I have to say, this absolutely seems like the BEST New Year's Eve celebration EVER in the history of the world. Seriously, you made that girls' night. Way to go! And that breakfast? Now you're just showing off. LOL. Love you guys! I can't believe it's almost February and we haven't even caught up on Christmas. Sigh.

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