Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some January Fun

I don't want to dedicate a full post to our current health status, so I will summarize in an obnoxious run-on sentence instead: we went to the allergist and Harrison's eye swelling was very likely an allergic reaction but we don't know to what since it was delayed after meals and also because it's common for people with food allergies to develop new allergies to ingredients they have tolerated just fine in the past so now we get to keep a food journal and wait...the same day Harper came down with another fever and sore neck after being fever-free and sore neck-free for 5 days, and still in the same day she also managed to cut up her leg "shaving." (and that's all I'm gonna say about that)

Saturday, we emerged into the world again and it was GLORIOUS! Rick and Harrison had a boys' day planned with friends and I'm so glad they were well and could go. I had to laugh because I reminded Rick to take pictures, and these are all he got in the 11 hours they were gone:

He texted this picture to me and my attention was drawn to a) the fact that they are in a BAR (a pretty entertaining story of why/how they ended up there, and in their defense, they do have kids menus so I guess that makes it a little better?); and b) why is my kid is eating a handful of salt? Oh, boys...

If you're stumped as to what their outing was, it was to the Monster Jam. But I'm sure all of the pictures of monster trucks tipped you off. Oh, wait a second, there aren't any pictures of monster trucks? How odd. :)

Harper and I had such a fun girls' day while the boys were gone. We had a lunch date "tea party" at a local tea room, walked over to the park, and then came home to bake a very pink cake. Then we went to the movies to see Paddington. All her ideas and so much fun! I love getting special, individual time in with my kids.

Yesterday, we took advantage of this beautiful weather and went strawberry picking. I thought it was going to be too early to get many good ones, but we got a couple of pounds and they are delicious. We had intentions of baking something with them but instead ate half of them in one sitting.

Brody & Harrison go way back. We first met his parents while we were both 8 months pregnant at childbirth classes and then we recognized each other when they started coming to our church the following year. A couple of years after that I started serving with Brandy in student ministry and then we joined their small group; she's definitely a dear friend. And the boys have been buds since they were barely walking. They are in the same class at preschool and keep their teachers on their toes for sure. And Harper. Oh Harper. Harper goes back and forth between saying she wants to marry Brody...and then saying she wants to marry Brody's DAD. Imagine Rick's reaction to that statement. HA! It's hilarious because we see David (his dad) in the mornings at drop-off and anytime he tries to say hi to her she is as snobby as can be and won't even acknowledge him. She's bashful and antisocial like that. But when we pull into the parking lot and she spots their car it's a different story and she's all, there's Brody's dad! Squee! So hilarious. :)

Loving this teaser of spring weather after an unusually cold winter!

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