December Catch Up - Part 2

I think this post will wrap up our December happenings with the exception of Harrison's birthday celebrations. Such a busy, fun-filled month!


The kids had their Christmas parties at preschool.

soooo happy to see her Dad!

showing me her nativity blocks

Book exchange with friends
Mrs. Amy & Mrs. Frances. Love, love love her teachers.
 Harrison's party was the next day. He's in the Kinderskills program so he goes 3 days a week (half days) and Harper only goes 2 days. So she got to tag along with me to his party. They weren't at all thrilled about me trying to take their picture as you can see.

I think I mentioned that Rick arranged for me to take a solo trip to Oklahoma to see my dad and best friend the weekend before Christmas. I didn't take very many pictures but here are the few I got the one time I got my camera out the whole trip. Isn't Lynnox so precious? I could just eat her up with a spoon.

Meanwhile, Rick and the kids went down to visit family for the weekend. I told Rick to take pictures since I was sad I couldn't be there and wanted to at least see some of the fun. These are the only pictures I got...


We had our annual white elephant Christmas party with friends.

nothing says Feliz Navidad like some delicious fajitas
playing dress up so Harper could take their picture
Lindsay scored big with Rick's white elephant gift...a Chuck Norris bearded trucker hat and some reject beer
sweet Joel
Harper finally got her Anna dress she'd been asking for
Ashley having fun with a playdoh poop mold. I can't even.
 And just a few more random photos I want to include.

celebrating my Grandpa's 81st birthday
kitty cat snuggles
this boy and his "unique" style. I love him to death.

"Mommy, take my picture!"

including a happy mail day!

This didn't stay inside long :)

there are so many things to like about this picture.


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