Christmas Day

After a terrible/precious night's sleep, Harper was up by her normal time of 6am. I stalled her for about 30 minutes but by then she had woken her brother up and he was equally excited that it was Christmas morning. So I got Rick up and grabbed my camera. Poor Rick was still feeling pretty awful but of course there was no way he wanted to miss out on the excitement.
reading the note from Santa
checking out their loot from Santa

Harper immediately began "mothering" her baby...and other objects :)
I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. It's turned into a tradition over the years. YUMMMM.

After breakfast, we opened gifts from each other.

he was underwhelmed by his first gift of a personalized apron. Ha! We held off on his Star Wars gifts until the end :)
lots of books for our little book worm

she was excited as soon as she saw the box. Cinderella and Elsa dresses!
now we're talking!
His sister picked this out for him and was SO set on it. She kept saying she just knew that he would love it.
and she was right! He even gave her a big hug :)
she also knew exactly what she wanted to get her dad. Thankfully we found one in a store fairly easily.

elf pajamas...more on that later ;)
Harrison picked out a cast iron skillet for his dad so we can make homemade pizookie

The kids gave me the 3 Wise Men set to add to my nativity. Love it!
 Another tradition we do is bake a birthday cake for Jesus. We made a gingerbread cake this year. The kids love baking with me and also enjoy singing to him and blowing out a candle. And of course eating the cake :)

Then we just hung out and played with our new toys.

And then Rick walked out in his new pajamas and we laughed for 2 days straight. HA! We always exchange pajamas but I let the kids pick them out this year. It was totally a gag gift, obviously. The funny thing is though, I think he would have kept them if they weren't too small. I love this man's awesome sense of humor and how much he keeps us laughing.

My mom cooked a roast for lunch and we headed back over there to hang out with family a little more before they had to get back on the road.

trying out his new scooter
taking her "newBORN" on a ride on her new bike
my brother and his girlfriend

his grandma gave him a whipped cream beard but he couldn't wait on me to take a picture
 After lunch, we came back home and hung out and played. I didn't really plan ahead to make anything for dinner since we usually eat a later lunch on Christmas, so we improvised with fruity pebbles and oreos. The kids called this a Christmas Miracle. 

Candy with a side of candy for dinner?? Mom, is this really you??
 And we ended the day with my very favorite Christmas tradition. We moved their mattresses to the living room and had a slumber party in front of the fire and Christmas tree. I love these (crazy, cracked out on sugar) people with every ounce of me.


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