Welcome, Fall

Even with the allergies and colds and other sick germs that accompany this season, we are thoroughly enjoying this beautiful weather and are excited that fall is finally here! We have spent some much needed time back outdoors and it has been glorious.


A couple of days ago, the kids were out in the backyard while I was fixing breakfast and I came out to find Harper like this:

Her brother thinks it is perfectly acceptable to pee outside in the backyard. And apparently Harper is all about equal opportunity. She did not like it when I told her that it doesn't work the same way for girls. Tough life lessons being taught around here, folks.


Want to see what happens when your dad randomly throws a football at your head when you're not looking? Dad fail. Ha!


Harper's class had school pictures on Tuesday. So this mama got to play dress up! So. Much. Fun. How cute is she in her Jelly the Pug dress and her adorable boots? I bought the boots for her Halloween costume (she's going to be an Indian) and I have fallen in love with them. I think they're going to be so versatile for the fall and winter months. And I have a confession...when we were in the mall last week I came across the exact same boots in women's sizes and impulse bought myself a pair. I am apparently that kind of mom who bases her own fashion on that of her daughter's. But I thought it would be cute to have matching boots. Cute and a little embarrassing. At least I don't have the matching dress...


Last night, Rick took Harper to Princess Night at Chick-fil-a. And I saw an ad that Whataburger had their burgers on sale for $1 in honor of their founder's 100th birthday so Harrison and I had our own little date as well. We met Stacie, Hamilton, & Scarlett Anne there while Ben & Abigail met with Rick & Harper. It was fun and cheap...two of my favorite things.

Harper was super excited to get all princessed out. She put on a little of my blush and I even let her wear some lip gloss. She was in heaven. Harrison also picked out his own special "date outfit" which I thought was sweet. He did a good job, am I right? 

Poor Harper fell asleep before they were even out of the neighborhood. Her asthma has been terrible the last few days and last night I was up all night with her. Those respiratory issues are so scary. I took her to the doctor this morning and she has a double ear infection and sinusitis which is what is triggering her asthma. The problem is, we don't know if it is seasonal allergies or a cold virus that is causing her symptoms. So for now, he just upped her inhaler dosage, put her back on steroids, and gave her a rx for some antibiotics for her ears. When we go back to follow up we'll discuss whether to do allergy testing or not.


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