Sick Day

Late last night, I noticed Harrison was burning up. I took his temperature and sure enough, almost 103°. Poor guy looked awful and when he pitifully asked if he could sleep with us, I agreed. I can now safely say that the only thing worse than sleeping with a toddler is sleeping with a feverish toddler. But he made up for it -- because at one point during the night I was awoken by a juicy kiss on the lips. When I opened my eyes I saw it was from my son and not my husband, because mommy, I had such a scary dream and I need you to hold me. It warmed my heart to know that a smooch and some snuggles from his momma gave him some comfort, even if it did mean sharing his sick germs with me. :)

They go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and unfortunately for him, today was bike day at their school. He's been talking about this day for a week and he was not a happy camper to have to miss it. Especially seeing that his sister still got to go. So I promised him we'd have our very own bike day, just the two of us. I took him to the doctor this morning to rule out strep and/or ear infections, and everything checked out fine. Guess it's just a fever virus. He was perky again and no fever this morning, so after the doctor I took him to get a donut and then to the park to ride his bike.

As usual, he provided entertainment for everybody within ear shot. He is such a funny kid.

Mom, we're on a breakfast date! It's like I'm your wife!

This donut is just so beautiful. It's so very colorful. Thank you for buying me pretty sugar. I love sugar!

I told him we might need to run by the grocery store to get a few things and that if he promised to listen and stay right beside me I would let him walk with me instead of making him ride in the basket.

You mean like a 4 year old?? I'm 3 and 3 quarters and that is almost 4 so it's time to practice?? I'm going to be a really good 4 year old because practice makes perfect.

When he was 2, he used to throw a fit anytime we tried to make him go in the basket. But I didn't want to let him have a taste of independence because I knew it would be a nightmare having him out of the cart, so we started telling him that only 4 year olds can walk. Surprisingly, that answer was easily accepted and he hasn't made a big deal out of it since. But now I'm kind of regretting that because every single time we go to the grocery store he reminds me that when he turns 4 he doesn't have to ride in the basket anymore. That child never forgets anything.

I grabbed my phone to look at my grocery list and he grabbed "his list" (the receipt) and started reading his list to me.

First, we have to make a plan. My list says: lots of colorful donuts, riding my bike, going on the monkey bars, getting lots of ice cream, riding go-carts, drinking some coffee, some soda, some coke, and....ummmmm...lots and lots of sugar.


Then he started showing me some sign language he's been learning. He knew how to do "H" and was asking how to do some of the other letters from his name. When we got to "I", this was his attempt. Oh dear.

 Per his itinerary, we headed to the park next.

And now we're getting in some couch snuggles and watching some cartoons. He keeps saying, I sure do miss Harper. Such a sweet brother. It's weird not having her here with us but it's also been nice to have a Mommy & Harrison day. He even let me hold him like a baby. The one perk of having a sick child!


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