And he's back!

Harrison kept getting worse and worse as the day went on yesterday. By dinner time I felt like I might need to take him in to the pediatric after-hours clinic so I made a call to the nurse to see if she felt it was necessary or if I could just keep taking care of him at home. Since he had been vomiting every 15-20 minutes all day and hadn't urinated since 8:30 that morning she told me to skip the after-hour clinic and get him to the ER right away because he was likely dehydrated.

Let me tell you, catching puke in ziploc bags while trying to fill out paperwork in the waiting room is not easy nor much fun. But I think it got their attention because they skipped us ahead and we were back in a room within 15 minutes. My poor baby was so lethargic that he didn't even cry when they drew blood and stuck the IV in him. We managed to get some Zofran in his system and it wasn't long before he started to perk up a little and get some color back in his cheeks.

He and I snuggled together on the hospital bed and watched Full House reruns in between vomiting episodes and they discharged us after about 3 hours. He still hadn't peed but the doctor felt we got him hydrated enough to ride the rest out at home. I made us a pallet on the floor and by morning he was feeling much better. Today I've been pumping Gatorade in him every 5 minutes trying to get his electrolytes back up. And thankfully this afternoon he seems to be back to his old self. I missed him!


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