Barper at 2

 Harper turned 2! (almost 6 months ago)

These two-year old posts kill me. I always have intentions of getting them up right at their birthdays and then of course I don't, and by the time I wrap up the draft, half of it is no longer accurate. It's amazing how fast they change at this age.

At her 2-year checkup, she weighed 25lbs., 2oz. and was 33 1/4 inches tall. (29th and 31st percentiles unadjusted for prematurity; 37th % and 49th % adjusted. Now that she's 2 there is no more adjusting!)

And at the doctor last week she was over 26lbs. Currently (at almost 2 1/2) she wears size 2T and she just moved up to a size 7 in shoes. 

So Harper, what are you up to at age 2?

*You usually go to bed around 7:30 or 8pm and get up around 6:30 or 7am and usually nap for about an hour on average in the afternoon. You through the monitor yelling, "Mommy? Momma? Mommmmy, where arrrrre you?" is usually my wake up call each morning. As long as we follow your routine to a T (say prayers, turn off lights, turn on fan, turn on CD, rock for a minute, tuck in babies/stuffed animals, cover you up with blankets in correct order and I say, "I love you. How much?" and you shout "SO much!" :) ) you are very cooperative and don't fight bedtime. I never thought I'd say this about you and I'm so grateful to be past the no sleeping phase!

* You are usually pretty calm and laid back although your sassy and bossy side is definitely emerging. You like to point at people and tell them what to do and then if they still don't listen you will come grab them by the hand and tell them to get up and come in here.  But even though you like to give demands you are also a generally well-mannered little girl. You always say bless you when somebody sneezes and 'cuse me when you want to get by and 'cuse me, burp or 'cuse me, toot when you have gas. You also like to say no dank do (no thank you) when you don't want something or when your mom and dad ask you to do something you don't want to do :)

* You aren't a huge eater but you are an apple juice drinking machine. Even when I dilute it way down you still chug it. Your other favorites are squeezy pouches, cold chicken, tomatoes, and raisins. You aren't a huge fan of eggs or carbs (how are you my daughter?).

* Your vocabulary has quickly evolved from saying a few words to saying sentences. You know your ABCs, can count to 10 (in English and in Spanish), and all of the colors. It's so neat to actually have a conversation with you and we both understand each other! I love to hear you and your brother talk and interact. He is probably your best interpreter.

* You were officially potty-trained at 27 months. You have done great and don't even need a diaper during nap time. 

* You are super sweet most of the time but you have definitely had your fair share of "terrible two" moments. In fact, just yesterday you were fighting me as I was putting you in your car seat and you were screaming at the top of your lungs STOP IT, MOMMY!  NO! NO! NO! and then you reached over and smacked me across my face.  However, even at your worst moments you are usually very quick to turn your attitude around. I put you in your crib for time out and when I go in to get you out you smile really big at me and say, I sorry, Mommy. I have happy heart now. You are also very quick to apologize to others and often times say that you're sorry even when it is the other person who is trying to apologize to you. You are a little peacemaker.

* You love to give hugs and kisses. You are constantly climbing in my lap to give me a kiss or sometimes you just randomly walk over and kiss my leg and then go on about your way. I love, love, love this about you. You also like to play a game with me where when I go to give you kiss you say no kisses! and then tell me I have to steal my sugars! And then I om nom nom your chubby cheeks and soak up your laughter.

* A few of your favorite things: Minnie Mouse, all the Disney princesses, building "hotels" out of legos, coloring, singing, preschool, pink and purple, playing with your brother, having tea parties and cooking in your play kitchen, climbing, "helping" me clean, eating popcorn, raiding my closet and wearing my shoes, playing dress up, and carrying around treasures in your many purses.

* You are shy when you're not around people you know really well. In fact, "quiet" is always circled on your take-home sheet from school and your teachers told me you rarely say a word. I was shocked to hear that because you are such a jabber box at home. Looks like you take after me because I was (and still am) really shy. I feel for you, baby girl.

Oh, my sweet Harper-Barper, if only you knew what joy and happiness and laughter you bring to our family. You are so kind-hearted and loving and funny and smart and a million other wonderful adjectives. You are a bright ray of sunshine in our lives each and every day. We are so very thankful for you!


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