Rick was able to meet up with us this morning at a local pumpkin patch. As we were driving up, Harrison said, that man over there looks like my dad. They were excited when they realized it was their dad. We've learned over the years to try our hardest to avoid the pumpkin patch on the weekends if possible. It was lovely and not crowded at all today. We bought a few small pumpkins to paint -- I think I'm going to try to paint a little minion like I saw floating around on Pinterest a few weeks ago. Fun!

And now the kiddies and I are about to bake some cookies with orange and brown chocolate chips...all in the spirit of welcoming fall. :)


Tienna said…
Love your boots. Love the jacket. Love your kids. Love everything! What a fun and totally adorable day!
Jocelyn said…
Very fun! And aren't y'all dressed cute!

I hope to take Eli to a pumpkin patch this week or next.
Such adorable pictures!!

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