Weekend in the Country

We went to Rick's parents' house over the weekend. We were going to visit over Father's Day weekend but things were busy at work and our niece's birthday party was the following weekend, so we decided to change our plans so Rick could finish up an order and also so we could make it to Carleigh's 1st birthday party. Sadly, we never made it to her party. More on that later.

The kids were super excited to be going to Mamaw & Papaw's. Harrison kept telling us he wants to sell our house and get one "with a staircase and a pasture." We'll get right on that, son. Those are in really high supply in the Houston area so it shouldn't be a problem. ;)

Thanks to a little boy who refused to sleep on his cot and instead insisted on sleeping on top of his mom, it was kind of a rough night. I remember him feeling like a furnace to me but he is usually a sweaty sleeper so I didn't think much of it. Then, at 6am, my little rooster decided it was time to get up. He kept complaining that his hips were hurting and I thought maybe it was his tummy, but he kept insisting that he was fine and didn't feel sick. He was determined not to cancel our plans to go fishing.

So fishing we did. And he acted completely normal.

Riding the buggy

taking lessons from a pro

a perch, I believe? Don't ask me; I don't eat fish.

as long as there were ferocious dogs around, this little girl was staying put. Here she was saying, "stay here, Mommy. Don't go, Mommy!"
fishing with Daddy

so proud of his bass!

I'll agree to being held....but don't you dare try to put me down near those vicious puppies.

watch out farm animals

such a big girl

roly poly enthusiast

sitting in her favorite spot
A couple of hours later and the fun went downhill fast for a certain little boy. He spiked a fever of close to 103 and wasn't feeling too hot. I got texts that Brody and Zion both woke up with the same symptoms so then I knew it was a tummy bug. It didn't hit him too hard and once the tylenol got in his system he was feeling a little better, but obviously we didn't make it to the party.

how you know this kid isn't feeling well...1 of only a handful of naps he's taken in the last year.

This girl was tuckered out from all of the playing. First time I've seen her sucking her thumb so I had to take a picture

We just hung out and visited Saturday. Ashley and her crew came by and it was great to catch up with her. I reeeeally hope they didn't catch any of our sick germs. We tend to trade illnesses when we get together. We both have immunities of steel if you didn't know. :)

Saturday night was another bust. I started feeling kind of bad and then this time we had two kids with us in a queen size bed. Harper woke up at 1am crying and I was afraid she was coming down with it too. Turns out it ended up just being her RAD/asthma issues that she's still fighting off. Needless to say, it was a fun road trip back home.....or not!

Aside from the sickness and disappointment from not being able to play with the cousins, we had a good visit. It's always nice to get out of town for the weekend and see friends and family that we don't get to see often enough.


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