Party Animals

As usual, I'm a little late getting these pictures up. We'll just blame it on Katie who unknowingly held some of these pictures hostage and not on my inability to be punctual. Ahem.  :)

This post is dedicated to a few parties we've been to recently that I haven't posted about yet. This year has been chock full of them and while it makes for a busy season, I love that we've had a lot to celebrate.

My lovely friend Trina had baby boy #3 in April. They named him Cullen and he is the cutest little sweetheart. I helped host a baby shower brunch for her in March and we themed it around the nursery -- sort of a rustic meets modern. I wish we would have remembered to take a group picture of the hostesses (Katie, Jaime, Stacie & me) with the guest of honor but you know how it goes trying to take pictures and host/enjoy a party.

the guests signed this mat and wrote special messages to the parents & baby

waffle bar, fresh fruit, and warm grits

mini quiche, kolaches, donuts, and mini bundt cakes

the beautiful mom of honor


My nephew had a 4th birthday in April. Not sure how he's 4 but I'll shut up now because I know I'm a broken record. He had a sheriff theme and it was so cool because a lot of actual sheriffs were there (his daddy works in law enforcement). I FINALLY got to see the new house that my BIL and SIL had custom built and it is beautiful. Not good for my itch to want to move into a bigger house. Or my itch to want to move to the country. But I digress. I'm lame and didn't even have a camera with me so I'm stealing a few pictures from my SIL's facebook. Don't tell her.

see that baby sitting on Granny's lap? She just turned 1. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

I had to include this picture. Because there's my FIL! At a kid's birthday party! He's on a roll...I knew we'd soften him up eventually ;)
the sweet birthday boy
opening his loot
and we can't forget about this silly goofball!

And on another side note, I would be remiss if I didn't mention a conversation that took place at this party. It might have just made my entire year. Because upon making introductions and small talk, one of the guests at the party mistakenly thought that I was my brother-in-law's NIECE. Hahaha! Talk about a confidence booster for me as I enter my thirties...and you better believe I'm never letting my "uncle" and his brother, Rick (my dad?) live it down :)


Also in April, our friend Jon turned 39. A few of us decided to surprise him with a party since he wouldn't be expecting it for 39. We coordinated to have everybody meet at Main Event and we had a good time bowling and playing laser tag. Once again, I'm lame with the picture taking so this time I'm stealing them off of Ashley's facebook :) We made "Jon" shirts with our favorite pictures of him on them and also passed out mustaches for people to wear since he once shaved off his beard into the creepiest 'stache you've ever seen. It was a lot of fun!

Ashley & Lindsay

Jon & Ashley

a few of us

Joel & Ashley

sorry ladies, he's allllll mine

Joel won me this beautiful-and-not-at-all-tacky bracelet and wanted us to take a picture with it :)


Speaking of Joel, he and Harper share a birthday and this year he turned 8. He had a Mario & Luigi party with one of his friends at a bounce house. I'm not sure but I think some of the adults may have had more fun than some of the kids. I know I definitely got my exercise that day! And also a few rubber burns, but that's beside the point.

my fearless daughter

the birthday boys

my exhausted little luigi

This kid. Sigh. He inhaled his cupcake in about 3 seconds and I actually had to dig the paper liner out of his mouth because he tried to eat it, too.

Getting ready to dig into the gifts

We are going to another birthday party this weekend for that special little 1-year old niece I mentioned up there. I'm going to try my best to have enough self control not to eat the cupcake liners like my son but I can't make any promises.


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