A Saturday Miracle

Text from my mom the other day:  
Do the kiddos want to have a sleepover Sat. night?

My reply approximately 0.42 milliseconds later:  
Ummm...heck yeah they do!

And in their absence, a Saturday miracle occurred:

Do you see that? My car, actually parked in the garage? It's like it was meant to house vehicles or something. So freakin' beautiful.

Our garage was in bad shape. Embarrassingly bad shape. It stressed me out to the point where I didn't even want to go in there. It was pretty much to the point where we'd just open the door and close our eyes and chunk whatever piece of crap we didn't feel like dealing with our have time to mess with. But since my kids kept complaining every time they got into the car that the buckles on their car seats were burning their flesh and blah blah blah, I figured it was time to start parking in there. You know, to put an end to all that whining and grumbling. Jeez, those kids are high maintenance. ;)

It took us allllll day, but we did it. I really wish I would have thought to take a before picture because seriously, you would be blown away by the remarkable feat we took on and dominated. I'm pretty sure we produced about 20 gallons of sweat in the process but that just means the margarita calories we were forced to drink to remain adequately hydrated don't count, right?

One more noteworthy change:

bye bye, love seat
hello, piano
Which proves that either I love my kids and want to nurture their musical talents and provide lasting childhood memories of them playing their great-grandma's piano that we inherited....or that I've completely lost my mind. I think it's a little bit of both!


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