Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Fun

I know I've already said this, but I am LOVING this summer. After a long season of feeling a little in over my head, I feel like I have finally resurfaced and am breathing deep breaths of refreshing air again. I've snapped out of my blues and am thoroughly enjoying my days with my kids. I'm thankful for the answered prayers...that not only has life gotten a little easier but also that my bad attitude has been replaced with one of thankfulness for this time with my sweet babies. (I can still call them that!)

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to:

We've gone to Palm Beach three times already. Talk about fun for all. 

1st time there...they loved it!

This little girl would play in the sand until she fell asleep (can you tell?)

Harrison went to an arts & science camp at a local church a couple of weeks ago. He loved it! And I did too; I thought they did a fantastic job of balancing the structure and learning with play and fun. It was a 3-day camp in the mornings and each day they learned a lesson in the Bible and did corresponding science experiments and art projects. For example, one of the days they learned about Jesus calming the storm and then studied weather. They made ocean waves and tornadoes in a bottle, clouds and rain in a jar, rain sticks, and several other projects. Another day they learned about Jesus walking on water and then learned about solids and liquids and the properties of those. So neat! Each day he was excited to tell me all about it.

growing into such a big boy!

one of the teachers took this of the kids painting their names with salt
the crafts he came home with at the end of the 3 days
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

according to Harrison, this is a picture of himself in his "tornado house"


While Bubba was at camp, Harper and I ran errands and did a little shopping. I pretty much never take both of them shopping because it's always a disaster. But Harper did GREAT! It's amazing the difference in their personalities. She has MUCH. LESS. ENERGY. She was content just standing by my side and following me around and I didn't have to worry about her knocking everything over or unfolding and destroying everything or her bolting out the door into traffic. But it's probably a good thing that we almost always have Harrison with us or my wallet might be in trouble. ;)
She was infatuated with her new friend and kept inviting (bossing) her to come with us :)


One day a few friends met up at Jimmy Changas for lunch and to let all the kids get out their wiggles on the playground. The boys had their very own table by themselves...how did this happen so fast? I hope as they continue to grow up they stay best friends and in 15 years we can take a similar picture.

They weren't humored by my obnoxious requests to say cheese

the girls got our own table as well

Here are Harper and Hollyn eating tomatoes like they are apples one day after swimming. She had the entire thing gone within 2 minutes. She gets that from her momma!

On Tuesday mornings, the movie theater in our area features a $1 children's movie. Stacie and I braved it with 4 kids ages 3, 2, 20 months, and 4 months (Hamilton was at VBS). It was an adventure but we made it all the way through! I'm pretty sure that all the toddlers consumed about 50lbs in snacks, but hey, whatever works. (and I may have also consumed 50lbs in popcorn but that's not really any of your business) :)

Apparently Horton Hears a Who is very intense

We also met up with some friends at Sylvan Beach. It was our first time to this beach and the kids loved it. I had to steal all of these pictures since my phone got washed up in a high tide...but thankfully (thankfully!) it didn't get any water damage. Whew!

Carpooling fun! And a great reminder that putting siblings right next to each other in a car is never a good idea.

lots of helpers to push the wagon

ready for some lunch

Aimee took this picture of Rachel and me unsuccessfully fighting with our umbrellas

We've also had a lot of down time just hanging out at home. The kids generally play really well together and it is so sweet to hear their conversations. You gotta love the imaginations of young children.

Playing dress up. I love how I still see glimpses of his baby cheeks in this picture.

And I walked in to find Harper wearing this and playing "drums" with lincoln logs for drum sticks :)

My mom took Harrison to Galveston to see my aunt and uncle and cousins who were vacationing down there. Harper and I were feeling a little under the weather so we weren't up for a beach day. I was bummed to miss out on seeing them but didn't want to spread any germs. But Harrison sure had a blast!

Have I mentioned that we are having a great summer?

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Jocelyn said...

I'm jealous!

Especially compared to all the hours I'm logging behind a desk, you look like you're having the best summer ever!!

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