13 years ago today, Rick and I started dating. 7 years ago today, he made me his Mrs. 

he rarely cries but he sure was a crybaby that day :)

 I love that we have grown up together. He is truly my best friend.







 I haven't really bragged enough about him lately so I'm going to take this opportunity to do so. 

He is an amazing man. I couldn't ask for a better husband or daddy for our kids. He is the perfect combination of determined, easy-going, dedicated, and care-free. He was voted class clown at his high school reunion for a reason...he is always keeping us laughing. He is a hands-on dad and loves to get down on the floor and play with the kids. He is a great leader who loves Jesus. He serves at church and prays with the kids and me. He also even prays with the guys he works with. And he is a hard worker. He goes into work insanely early and will try his hardest to make it home for dinner, even if that means he has to go back to the shop until midnight. He moves his busy schedule around so he can make it to t-ball practice or swim lessons or to important doctor appointments. Or sometimes, just to meet up for lunch. He calls or facetimes us several times throughout the day just to say hi and that he loves us. He is kind and thoughtful and just an all around a great person.

I've had this photo in a frame that says "My Boy" ever since we first started dating. So glad he's my boy.
I'm thankful that this man chose me to be his wife and that he still chooses to love me unconditionally each and every day. Those that know me well know that that's not always very easy. (like, for real) :)

I had fun looking through old photo albums and reminiscing. I came across quite a few gems, too. I couldn't resist posting a couple.

So, continuing the theme of thankfulness....

I'm thankful for the genetic adorableness that he's passed on to our kids

I'm thankful he grew out of this awkward phase. And thankful that he ditched those glasses. Very, very thankful.
(Allow yourself few moments to gather your thoughts and stop laughing at that last picture. C'mon, you can do it. Poor kid just wanted to be cool like Sally Jessy Raphael)  :)

But I'm also thankful that he still has enough dork in him to keep us rolling. He is such a goof and I love it.

 I'm also thankful he is always a good sport and doesn't mind a good teasing :)


Tienna said…
Happy Happy Anniversary to you guys!! I grudgingly agree with everything you said about him (he is a gem) but don't leave yourself out of the loop. You're an amazing wife and mother (and friend - but I guess your wedding anniversary has nothing to do with me so I won't mention that haha) and we'll just say that you're both lucky to have each other. :) Hope you get to have a special night to yourselves to celebrate!!
Bonnie Casteel said…
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