Father's Day

 Here's a video Harrison made for his dad for Father's Day. Rick should be flattered...apparently he is a "cute 18-year old" in the eyes of his son. Ha!

We had a fun weekend. Saturday afternoon we went over to Mom & Tim's house for some swimming and barbecue.

showing Pappy the tornado he drew him

sleeping buddies

Harper has been doing the funniest things lately. She has become quite the little boss and loves to use gestures to get her point across. She points when she gives orders and she also does this little sassy "talk to the hand" move. Here she was telling me "wait daddy" because I guess she thought I was going to leave him standing at the redbox. :)

Father's Day morning Harrison wasted no time waking us up from our peaceful slumber to declare hey! it's daytime! Time to wake up! HEY! IT'S DAYTIME! So we got in a nice family snuggle before getting up and fixing breakfast.

After breakfast we headed down to Galveston to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens. We got a season pass this year and have already gotten our money's worth in just the last 4 days. So happy for summer!

Then we came home for some backyard fun in the form of water balloons and more barbecue.

After dinner Rick opened his gifts and the kids were in bed by 7:15. They were worn out from all the water and sun. Another reason to love summer! Ha!

He got this file holder for his office along with a coffee mug and mouse pad with the kids' school art on them. And to return the favor of our awesome Mother's Day gifts, Stacie and I coordinated to get Rick and Ben together for a testosterone-charged evening of wings and shooting at the gun range. He never hangs out with his friends because he's either at work or here so I'm just going to start scheduling man-dates for him :)


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