My Career

I got an unexpected phone call from a recruiter today. He obviously had very old information since he asked me how long I've been working at BBVA Compass. I could practically hear the disappointment and disinterest through the phone when I told him I'm no longer with the bank and that I left after having my first child and have been staying home for the last 3 1/2 years. He rattled off that he was looking to fill a middle market commercial lending position for a competing bank and that he'd email me the details in case I happened to have remained in contact with any of my former colleagues who might be looking to make a move. You know, since I apparently committed career suicide by leaving the industry and am no longer of any interest. It was the oddest feeling having that conversation and reminiscing about the corporate world and using all the bank jargon that's almost completely left my brain. Life before kids and life after seem like two completely different lives and during those few minutes it kind of felt like my two worlds were colliding. I hung up the phone, and for a brief moment I actually found myself doubting if I had made the right decision by giving up my career. What will I do when the kids start school? Am I ever going to be employable again? Am I screwing my kids up more by being around them so much? Just think of how much more "ahead" we could be with two incomes...etc. etc. etc.

And then I came to my senses. It's silly how I let some stranger cause me to doubt my decision and make me feel under-valued. I may not matter to recruiters any more, but my resume is not obsolete. My bosses don't wear suits and ties and I am most definitely underpaid, but I have never been happier.


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