Valentine's Day

We had a very family-friendly Valentine's Day. Which is what I prefer anyway since it's always so crowded and expensive to go out on a date.

 Rick and I don't usually exchange gifts but will sometimes get something small if we have anything specific in mind. This year I ordered him a couple of pizzas from Giordano's in Chicago. We went there last fall when we were on our business trip and it was hands down the best pizza we've ever had. We baked one of them for family night and it was yum!

it doesn't look fancy but MAN it was good
 The next morning was Valentine's Day so I made the kids heart-shaped French toast. A) I miss actually cooking for my family, and B) I really need to get some new plates for the kids.

Harrison's sugar face
One of my favorite pictures of the kids is one I took on Valentine's Day a couple of years ago. It's still the background on my phone.

So this year I snapped a few pictures of them in front of the door again. They are such goofballs.

Elby celebrated his first Valentine's Day. He was pretty oblivious, lol. I love this next captures how much the kids love and adore him. They still bring him up in conversation every day.

Later that day, Ashley and her boys came up to hang out. The girls treated ourselves to mani/pedis while the boys played. This girl was especially excited to be included:

It was a great weekend!


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