Going Way Back...Again

Wrapping up fall and diving into winter: in pictures.


We took the kids to a park in Clear Lake where we could see the air show going on at Ellington. I remember it being an exceptionally gorgeous day.


A trip to the zoo with friends:

excited about carpool buddies

of course corn dog light saber fights are mandatory


Being silly at church with friends. They were all dressed in their fall colors so I had to snap a picture.



A week of our November was spent in Disney World. SO. MUCH. FUN. Way too many pictures from our trip to add here so I'll have to do a separate post all about our adventures.

We kept it a surprise until the airport but prepped the kids so they would be excited when we told them about it. They didn't really know much about Disney World so we checked out a bunch of books at the library and watched some YouTube videos about the rides. And of course watched all the Disney movies we could to get familiar with the characters.

Harper made us magic bands out of pizza dough...Thanks Disney Jr. commercials for conspiring alongside us :)

I think I mentioned just how much fun I had planning and preparing for this trip. It was my first time going to Disney World and I fully embraced it. It was also a good distraction to help take my thoughts away from losing the twins because I was definitely in a dark place trying to process all those emotions. That probably sounds shallow, but planning and finding order is extremely therapeutic for me...something to do with my massive control issues I'm sure. Brandy and I had several craft nights making shirts and planning our fast passes since they had a trip planned a couple of weeks before us. I was super OCD with our outfits. I coordinated our clothes every single day we were there. And then I packed them all in ziploc bags and labeled them according to which day we needed to wear them. Oh yes I did. I have no shame.

Rick was such a good sport about it too. He laughed at me and called me crazy, but he wore everything in his baggie each day without complaining :)


We got back from Florida and it was time to jump into the Christmas season. We took the kids to a tree farm to cut down our advent tree like we do each year. It's such a fun tradition. Although I think it is most fun for me and not so much the kids judging by their grumbling about all the walking and hard work...but hopefully they will grow fonder of it over the years. :)

apple cider cheers!

Harrison with a saw...oh dear

she was our sniff tester

we found a winner

Rick pissed off Harper by asking her to take a picture with us...oh the joys of age 3


We had a funeral for Fishy Boyd. It was quite the ordeal. They wanted no part in a "sea burial" and insisted on a full funeral service which also included taps. Rick made him a headstone and we all took turns sharing our sentiments about our beloved deceased friend. He almost made it a whole year...not too shabby for our first fish! RIP, Fishy Boyd.


More traditions...trimming the tree in pajamas while drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music.

 "Hey guys, get in with your mom so I can take a quick picture." Sounds pretty easy. Right.


And I'm including this last picture just to prove what a spaz I'm married to. He is definitely one of a kind. Thankfully we have the same weird sense of humor so it works. ;)

He was pumping gas and when I looked up I saw this creepy dude staring at me with a really sweet message that he wrote in his breath on the window:

Such a charmer!


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